To Do

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious life?” 
― Mary Oliver


Loosely based on this past post, an ever evolving list of all the things I want to do…

What do you want to do Mel?

-Become a Noonday Ambassador 

-Learn more about racial inequality and learn how to actively work towards racial reconciliation in my community.

-Get my SC Teaching Certification 

-Read and learn from all of the books on my GoodReads list

-Write a curriculum that brings Community Service, Sociology, and Jesus together for the High School classroom 

-Learn more about the three things listed in the bullet above. (four if you count writing a curriculum) 

-Learn more about Teaching in the realms of classroom management, connecting with my students, and making learning fun. (cliché alert)

-Go on a mission trip to a Spanish-Speaking country with my whole family. Danny included.

-Piano lessons 

-Travel with Danny. (possibly live abroad together for 3-6 months after we’re married.)

-Become certified to teach ESL and build a relationship the Spanish-speaking community in Charleston

-Improve my Spanish

-Teach myself and those around me about loving other people and listening to/knowing their stories 

-Learn more about adoption


-Unpack my thoughts on religion and Christianity into one cohesive blog post

-Continue to learn about selfless love and how to put it into practice as a selfish human being

-Krav Maga & Yoga

-Be a consistent blogger


What’s on your list?


Any thoughts?

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