Christmas, Lee Style


Let me premise this post by saying there’s a House Hunters marathon on and I’m still in my pajamas. Also, we skipped church.

Christmas was real folks. And while I’d like to pretend I did most of the work, I’m really just being lazy and reveling in the fact that there will be no Sunday Blues today! (Christmas Break = All the heart eyes.)

Plus, the House Hunters marathon…

I figured the blog post was the least I could accomplish today. Especially since it doesn’t mean leaving the couch.


Christmas with my family is literally one of my most favorite things of ever. In my 24 years, not much has changed, the traditions run deep and the magic is very much still alive.

I thought today I would share my top 10 most favorite Christmas traditions with you as we all navigate the post Christmas fog. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to include the *asterisk “reality check fun,” to remind you that there’s Griswold in all of us, especially in the Lee’s.

  1. We decorate the Christmas tree together. *

decorating tree

*Complete with ornaments breaking, fights over what kind of music to play (you’d think it would be a no brainer), brothers fighting for the alpha male position (literally arguing over ANYthing), and SOME people flaking after only putting on 5 ornaments.

2. The house always smells the same. (Real trees for the win!) * And due to my mom’s aversion to overhead lights, we usually let the tree light up the room. I don’t know of a more perfect picture of Christmas. (Or better nap-inducing ambiance) **


*Real trees have to be watered…and there’s plenty of “I watered it yesterday, shouldn’t so and so (insert sibling’s name here) do it?”

**Also, notice that nice patch of darkness in the tree? Yea, we see it too. (Mom insists I tell you why. Because the oldest male sibling couldn’t wait until dad got home from Home Depot with the lights)

3. Mom wraps our presents in paper that is specific to each of our personalities and does not tag them. When she’s finished wrapping on Christmas Eve, she calls us to her room (that has been off limits for a week…always marked with a sign that says “No Entry, Elf is VERY hard at Work!”) and we have to guess which pile is ours and then take them to the tree.*

*This year, she tied a yarn ribbon around each and every package in honor of my late A’ma.

4. Baking Christmas Cookies. *

christmas cookies.jpg

*We don’t always fit it in, but when we do, we make sure to have a Storm Trooper with us. (Thanks to Amanda Johnson for the photo and for sharing your littles with us.)

5. Church on Christmas Eve. *

*Umm, let’s just say this almost didn’t make the list. But it just wouldn’t be “Christmas, Lee Style” if we weren’t sassing each other about getting in the car to get to the 4pm service an hour early. (side eyes for days) …This year we ended up sitting in the foyer and using our cell-phone flashlights for candles.

6. Mom reads the Cajun Night Before Christmas in her best Cajun accent followed up with the Christmas story out of the big Bible. *

*Usually accompanied by brothers farting and unsanctioned tomfoolery.

7. All the siblings sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve. *

*Not even close to precious, just FYI. Most definitely includes brothers farting AND arguing. And sisters sharing a day bed. Not to mention the 6:40 AM wake up call by the 14-yr old and the 21-yr old willing the sun to come up faster and earlier than projected. Also, plenty of sassing. We are sassy people.


8. Santa presents, unwrapped and stockings that stretch.* **


* Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

**And brothers who put on as they’re received.

9. Pluck-It Cake for Jesus’ birthday. *

*Includes candle wax melting in the cake, singing Happy Birthday, and stuffing our faces in the best “everyone for themselves mentality,” and then crashing into sugar comas. It’s just too delicious for anything else to happen.

10. Late-night movie on Christmas Day. (Sorry, movie workers)


*Love this tradition** with Danny and our siblings/friends. This year was Star Wars. (And I didn’t ask a single question.)

** Ahem, ignoring the years we were too tired, saw flops, or ended up in a precious lover’s quarrel, holiday edition.

So there you have it fellow Christmas foggers. Christmas, Lee Style. You might as well call us the “GrisLees” this time of year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The traditions run deep and the magic is still so alive.

Thank you Melissa and Willie. Hats off to you both, Santa’s best Christmas Elves. Thank you for making this such an amazing time of the year and instilling such a love for the holiday in your kiddos. I can’t wait to do the same one day.

Proud to be a GrisLee.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Give me your top 5!

Off to see my 3rd movie in 2 days. (Christmas Break, don’t you dare end.)




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