Thankful on Thanksgiving

It’s probably the best cliche there is. Being thankful on Thanksgiving. Thank goodness we take at least one day for intentional gratitude.

For me, even this day, the day that is literally called “thanksgiving,” can go by so fast that I forget to actually think about all the thankful things.

And while I’m sure you are all well into your Post-Turkey Comas right now, here are some things I am thankful for today.

I am thankful to be at our family’s Farm House for Thanksgiving this year. And very thankful that we now have wifi.



Lord knows I am thankful for dry-shampoo. There really is no need to wash (and dry) your hair everyday. I am so glad I live in a time where this is a thing.

I am thankful that my brother William had an amazing experience in the Bahamas and returned home safely. I am thankful that he is here with us tonight.


I am thankful for brothers (Cain) who take part in your pre-thanksgiving dinner chips and queso gorging, even when the tortilla chips are stale. (For the record, ritz crackers dipped in queso work too)

I am thankful for sisters (Anna Wallace) who are best friends even though they are 10-yrs your junior.


I am thankful for DoTerra’s DigestZen Essential Oil Blend to tackle that post Thanksgiving dinner bleh feeling. (this food = too rich for me)

I am thankful that I can eat Mexican food for dinner tomorrow night if I so desire. Or sushi. Or a cheeseburger. And that this food may be eaten after mom and I have perused the aftermath of Black Friday per our tradition.

I am thankful that today consisted of reading Jen Hatmaker’s laugh-out-loud words on the front porch in the sunshine and that tomorrow will be more of the same, just with Mindy Kaling.


I am thankful for both Jen Hatmaker and Mindy Kaling.

I am thankful for all of the driving help I got today as I drove these cool cats from MB to good ole Pamplico.

We couldn’t all make it into one picture. AND this picture was taken while I was being yelled at for using my phone at a stoplight.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving Break, for sleeping past 6am, my sister being SO awesome! (guest writer alert)

I am thankful that Christmas Break is only 3 short weeks away.

I am thankful for our Christmas tree. The anticipation that comes with this season. And home in general. I love my home. I’ve been known to say it’s > than elsewhere.

I am thankful for boyfriends (Danny) who cut off fans for me when I’m cold and who help me clean my own nasty kitchen so I can get on the road for Thanksgiving break. He’s good to me. I love him.

I am thankful for online shopping and holiday sales that don’t require me leaving my couch.

I am thankful for mom and dad. Always thankful for mom and dad.

I am thankful for days that look like this.


It’s cliche, but it’s the best kind of cliche.

What are you thankful for today?


xoxo, Mel



4 thoughts on “Thankful on Thanksgiving

  1. Grateful for you, my first-born. Our first Thanksgiving at the farm, was a good one and I believe it has started a new Thanksgiving tradition! Now on to being the late birds to Black Friday shopping and early birds to some international cuisine! Mexican? Italian? Chinese? I am ready! I love you and I think you are awesome!❀️

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