What do you want for Christmas?

Below is an email I sent out to all my previous Noonday customers yesterday. Thought some of my readers may want to play too, so here ya go. Read away and join in on the wish list fun!


Hey Ladies!

With it being two days (one day now) before Thanksgiving, I think we can say that the Holiday season is officially in full swing. Over the next month, there will be hustle…there will be bustle…and eventually there will be presents under the tree, if you can believe it! And despite the fact that much of the Christmas season is for the littles, you will have presents under that tree as well!


We all know that the people in our lives sometimes need a little extra help knowing what we really want for Christmas. Maybe they don’t know they need any help, maybe they’re too scared to ask you, or maybe they really feel confident about giving you that electronic toothbrush.

While we all love good dental hygiene, I’d love to see all of you get some really special gifts that are exactly what you want. That’s where I come in, your Noonday Christmas Elf. I’m here to ask you (in case no one else does)…what’s on your wish list?


(Your Noonday Wishlist that is)

I’m here to give a subtle and loving nudge to your loved ones, be it significant other, parents, best friend, or kids. I can help make it easier for them, guarantee you’ll get something you love and wouldn’t get yourself, all the while, making a difference in the lives of artisans all over the world. 


Do you want to play? There are two ways to participate.

1. Come see me this coming Saturday (11/28) at Lee’s Inlet Apothecary from 10am-2pm. I’ll have my display set up and some Lookbooks for you to peruse. This is the perfect opportunity to see some of the pieces in person and craft that Wish List. You’ll leave your list and a list of people to contact with me and I’ll do my elf magic.

Pop-Up Shop PROMO

2. If you aren’t able to make it on Saturday, you can still play! Simply browse the current collection at www.maryemilylee.noondaycollection.com , craft your Wish List and email it back to me (along with people to contact…aka your “Noondudes” or “Noonpeople”) by Dec. 1st.

If you know me, you’ll know that playing Noonday Elf is right up my alley. I can’t wait to help you get some special pieces for Christmas. We can save the electric toothbrush for a random trip to Target, am.i.right?

Last min details – At the Pop-Up Shop on Saturday, any purchase made via Noonday Collection will get you 20% off a Good Deed Goods gift item at the Apothecary. AND If you can’t get those wish lists perfectly crafted in time and just enjoy picking things out yourself, gift certificates are the perfect answer!

Let me know if you have ANY questions at all. And get those Wish Lists in!




Any thoughts?

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