Out of Hand October

Today is November 1st.

On one hand, I cannot believe it is already November…but on the other, I am screaming “FINALLY!!!”

There’s not much to say about November just yet.

Except maybe “Welcome you glorious, glorious new month!” and “Rent is due.”

October, however, is a whole different story. I want to talk about October.

Back in High School, my friends and I used to name our months. For example, one year, January was “Just get thru January” and February was “Flyer than this February.” Both names I still whole-heartedly support. January is the worst. Always.

Although, this year, I must say, October put itself squarely in the running for worst month of the year.

This year, October has absolutely earned it’s name.

Out of Hand October 

(Everything, and I do mean everything, is truly out of hand.)

Other “in the running” names included…

Out of time

(My private school teaching certificate expired on Oct. 29th. In order to re-new my certificate I had to read 4 books, write a 7-8 page paper, and complete a graduate course. It is over now (PRAISE JESUS!!!!), but just talking about it still causes a bit of gasping for air.)

Out of my mind

(There was a time at the beginning of the month that I thought about participating in a 31 days blogging challenge where bloggers write on the same topic for 31 days. In hindsight, this is a hilarious thought.)

Out of storage

(My iPhone currently has 32 apps that need to be updated and I am reminded at least 5 times a day that I am out of storage and my iPhone hasn’t been backed up in 36 weeks)

Out of room

(I am currently living in a state of complete disarray. There is literally a mountain of clothes on the floor of my room. My bathroom is in need of serious attention. And my car can’t even be explained.)

Honorable mentions include…


Off my rocker

Over It


(Re: my emotions)

All of this while people are posting the most beautiful pics of apple orchards, pumpkin painting, cider, scarves and all of the best fall things.

If I were to have posted during the month of October, it would have looked a little something like this…






(I am Malfoy, Hermione is #AdultLife)




So, while October kicked my butt repeatedly and the only successful thing I did was maintain insanity,  today is November 1st. Repeat after me, Today is November 1st.

I got an extra hour of sleep, I can finally read something that isn’t required (Jen Hatmaker and Mindy Kaling on deck!), I can watch Netflix sans guilt, and I am taking this Friday off.

Whatever, October.

Here we go, November.

Clothes mountain and scary bathroom…watch your back.

Tell me please, do you name your months? Was October the worst for you too? Can you also currently not see the floor of your bedroom? These are things I must know.

Happy November 1st! Congratulations to all of us on making it!


Me mailing off my completed graduate course just last Friday.

In the words of KidPresident-

“Give people a high five for getting out of bed, being a person is hard sometimes.”

High fives to all of you! (I will neither confirm nor deny whether or not I was still in bed as I wrote and posted this post…high five for me anyways!)



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