Even When

This post is for me.

I am writing these words because I need to remember them every single day.

Maybe this post is for you too.


Even when they forget their pencil everyday.

Even when you can’t read their handwriting.

Even when they show up and say “Quiz?! What quiz??”

Even when they don’t do their study guides.

Even when they won’t stop talking.

Even when they only look like they’re listening.

Even when they fall asleep.

Even when they groan.

Even when laziness and apathy prevails.

Even when they fail the test/quiz that you know you prepared them for.

Even when they aren’t doing their best.

Even when, even when, even when.

Even when…still…

Still they show up everyday needing to be acknowledged, to be noticed for the good things. Still they show up everyday just wanting to hear that they are capable of amazing things. That they are enough. That they matter to this world. That if they weren’t there, someone would notice, and the world would be worse for it. Still they are desperate to know that who they are is ok. That they are alright with you. That they are beautiful, intelligent, worthy, and talented. Still they show up everyday with their hopeful faces, their a little scared and unsure faces, their masked faces…desperate to be loved. They show up everyday desperate to be loved and to know that they are worthy of being loved.


The kids that show up everyday and sit in these desks mean the world to me and I don’t want them to ever go a day not knowing that I love them and I think they are awesome. I need to remember these words in the face of the even whens. Because the even whens happen often and they are a whole lot louder than the stills.

I want the stills to be louder. I want the stills to prevail.

Fill in the blanks… “Even when ______________, still ________________.”



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