When nobody comes to your party

The French Onion Dip is officially gone. The “Party Size” bag of Ruffles are just about so. If anything I am pleased with how that ratio worked out.

The dip and “party sized” bag of chips were of course intended for more than one person. You know, a party, as the name suggests.

Today I finished it off by myself. Almost two weeks after my attempt at a Noonday Launch Party here in Charleston.


Thanks to the title of this blog post, you already know how that turned out.

That’s right, nobody came. Not a single person showed up over the 2 hour timeframe.


Yes, I know, doesn’t it make you cringe?

I don’t know many people in Charleston…not many that I felt comfortable enough inviting to my Launch Show at least, so my invite numbers and expectations were somewhat low to begin with, but I was hoping that at least 6 people would come.

Again, nobody showed up.


I’ll admit…I was pretty bummed.

This is probably uncomfortable to read. But we’re not here to have a pity party.

We’re here because I am (once again) putting off writing a continuing education paper that is due this week.

We’re also here because while this is the first time I have been on the receiving end of this sort of disappointment, I have definitely played my part in “not showing up” many many times.

There are memes about this sort of thing. You know the ones…



There are also many words for this phenomenon…lazy, introverted, Netflix, etc. I am guilty of them all. I am guilty of being the one who doesn’t show up or the one who doesn’t RSVP. I am guilty of believing that it doesn’t actually matter whether or not I’m in attendance. That it doesn’t actually matter to the person who invited me. That I won’t be missed.

What a sad thing to believe.

What a silly thing to believe.

What a silly thing to believe, when on the other side of things, I know for sure that each person I invited was invited on purpose. I know for sure that it mattered to me whether or not they came. That I missed all of them when they didn’t show up.

What a humbling experience and what a lesson learned.

When nobody comes to your party, you are gently forced to look at how you may have handled the same situation if the roles were reversed.

What would I have done? I probably would have claimed too much work, not enough money, exhaustion, or all of the above. I probably would have let myself off the hook my telling myself that me showing up wouldn’t matter. I probably would have cozied up with Netflix and not thought anymore about where I was invited to be.

I can do better than that.

We can all do better than that.

Despite what we believe, the truth is that we matter to the people in our lives. And it does matter whether or not we show up for them. We are missed we we aren’t there. We are important to things that are bigger than Netflix.

I know! Crazy right? The truth usually is.

In other news, I’m a recent Noonday Ambassador who is looking to share Noonday’s story with anyone who is interested. I hope to be back here soon to let you in on more of what that story is. Wait patiently if you’d like, or feel free to jump on over to www.maryemilylee.noondaycollection.com to get a head start on things.

Happy Saturday!  What are you doing for fun?



10 thoughts on “When nobody comes to your party

  1. It’s a harsh life lesson sweetheart. Your peers probably did not have the money, and you hit that nail on the head. I hope that on the flip side you also realized why the “elders” in your life appreciate it so much when ” our” children show up. We do realize you DON’T have too, we KNOW you could be spending that time with people your own age, we realize that even though WE believe we are full of wisdom, your friends understand the times better. That’s why we appreciate the few moments that you are willing to share with us, to “fill us in” to only “pop in” to say hello. You are good at that, thoughtful and caring. And as usual, you have learned a lesson from a sad experience. That’s life, happy, sad, hurt, glorious…. You took something good out of your experience, smart, impressive and classy.

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