A year without writing.


So…it’s been a year.

Actually, it’s been over a year as the last post that I actually wrote is dated 8/16/14.

When I first started this blog back in February of 2013 I was 3 months away from graduating college and I had no idea what I was going to do next. Grad School was a faint possibility, but I would never sit down to write the Personal Statement (I hate those) or figure out how I was going to pay for it. I was also determined to enjoy one last summer before the adult world took over. You don’t get summers in the adult world. (Unless you’re a teacher that is)

The reality was, apart from graduating, I had nothing on the horizon. No big plans.

That was me in February of 2013.

I had thought about starting a blog after graduation. That was about the only “big” plan I had. I thought it would be cool to share my journey into adulthood…yadda, yadda, yadda. The plan was to brainstorm the concept, name, and research how to be the best blogger (I am a perfectionist) leading up to graduation and then launch everything once I graduated. Then I got antzy and stayed up super late one night creating mel and la vida bella on a very old and very slow netbook that I was borrowing from my dad.

In February of 2013 mel and la vida bella was born…just before my own little sister’s birthday. (The pictures are wonky if you click on that post…probably a result of not touching this blog for over a year)

In those first few months, I wrote and posted everyday. (Something I learned in my “how to be the best blogger” research) Also, I had too much free time. Why do you do this to us college? I was kinda obsessed with blog stats and was trying to figure out how to get my blog on the map without being pushy on the internet. I was stuck between naturally being an introvert and wanting to become a successful blogger.

Yes. In the beginning, I had hopes that this blog would turn into a career. Hopes that were fueled by fear of the adult world and hacking it at an adult job. Fear of adulting in general. (The fact that the blog was supposed to be about my journey into adulthood and yet I wanted to sit comfortably behind my computer so as not to actually experience it is all just part of the fun) [[insert side-eye emoji here]]

So I wrote and posted everyday. And I found out that I really enjoyed writing…especially when I could just write how I thought and how I would say it out loud. Things were peachy.

And then I would go days, weeks, and months without posting.

And then I went a whole year. A whole year without writing.

What I was doing during that time is a post for another day. (This post’s word count is already high enough…and there are no pictures…so I am probably now just typing to myself.)

Hello Mel!

So why am I here? Why am I blowing dust everywhere and sweeping out the cobwebs? I’ve tried this before…I’ve tried the “I’M BACK and I’m sorry!” posts more than a couple of times, but they didn’t keep me from going a year without writing.

The truth is, I don’t know what this means. I have no idea.

What I do know is that I miss writing terribly. And I think my emotional psyche misses it too.

What I do know is that there were often times that I thought that maybe I was kinda good at this writing thing. And that maybe it was one of my spiritual gifts.

What I do know is that I’ve been writing blog posts in my head off and on for awhile now.

What I do know is that I feel God guiding me back to this place. And I am trying to let him have more guiding privileges these days. You know.

What I do know is that it’s a Sunday and I am determined to stave off those Sunday Blues.

What I do know is that I’ve gone a year without writing, but today I wrote something.

What I do know, is that I have no idea what all of this means.


hello again to all of you. I hope to be back again soon.





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