A Boy and His Truck

Today I am honored to share with you a guest post written by my momma. Life has changed around our house and in our family, and it’s something I feel even though I am not there myself. Another chicken has flown the coop…it’s been just me for so long that, even in Charleston it is hard to adjust to this new normal…to the fact that my little brother is old enough to be living somewhere other than where he’s always been.

I think it’s only fitting that we share this today on William’s 20th birthday.


I saw his truck today, well, for a moment, it seemed like his truck and the boy behind the wheel with his window rolled down, for a minute, was my Boy!  It’s funny how the mind works…you see enough of a real thing to hope it IS your real thing!  My eyes saw just enough to send a signal to my brain that it was my boy turning into our neighborhood so he could turn onto our street, into our driveway, and into our house to ask the question of the day…Every. Friggin’. Day….What’s for dinner?

But the truth of the matter is, it wasn’t my boy, it was another momma’s boy…going home to ask her what was for dinner.  This past Saturday, we dropped our son off at college and in just a few days he will turn the big 20!  Surely this must be a mistake… I am definitely too young to have a son that old:).  I still feel only twenty-one myself….in my mind that is…my body, well…not so much!  

Times are a changing round here.  Our family of six, is now down to four and this momma does not know whether to laugh or cry.  There are some benefits to a lesser tribe…we have leftovers now…just tonight we actually got to wrap up, not one, but two, pork chops.  This is quite the miracle.  Also, our back door doesn’t slam as often, and the laundry pile is not as high, but that smile, boy, do I miss his smile…it can light up an entire room…I miss those nights around our dinner table and that slamming door, well, I miss that too.  That slamming door let me know he was home and he was safe and our house was sound.  

I knew this day was coming…many days, I wished for it to come, BUT, now that it has come and gone and our home feels his absence so profoundly, I long for more time…more days, more hours with him here.  Growing up is hard, especially for us mommas.  I miss him so much.  I pray that he finds what he is looking for, but most importantly, I pray he always knows the way home!  I promise…we will have something for dinner, even if it’s takeout!!

-Melissa Lee

William, you are so loved. We wish you all the success and joy in the world. 

Happy birthday little brother!


4 thoughts on “A Boy and His Truck

  1. Yes – It is hard to let you go – Momma articulates it better than I – time flies andthe Lord blesses! Love you both! Forever! Dad

    • Love all of y`all so so much thanks for the wonderful post would have loved to been able to spend my birthday at home with my family.

  2. I know your feelings only too well! Our house was too quiet when Taylor went off to college! Four years we waited and anticipated each and every holiday for our home to be complete! Almost a year ago our “one” left for good, got married! So far, that she can’t just drop by. Eric and I see her car often. We look for the Wofford and ZTA stickers, but as always, it’s not her. Just another reminder she is gone. I wish I could say it gets easier, I don’t think it does even if you still have 3, or 2, or 1, or none. Eric and I find it so difficult to see the silver lining in the infamous “empty nest”! It’s too quiet! We can’t find the “freedom” that we hear some talk about…we still feel the emptiness “loudly”! I have to go to your home to get a “child noise fix” and even then sonetimes I return home and the house is even more quiet! Like Mary Emily said…I miss William making his grand entrance at your home also! It’s hard for me to be sitting there minus 2 when you had 4 for so long! I can’t even fathom the day when the Lees have an empty nest! Half empty is strange enough! Love to “my Lee family”!! Happy Birthday to “the boy and his truck”!

  3. Perfectly put. It is tough-I just got home from helping both boys move. At the last minute, I threw some clothes in a bag and hit the road. It was worth every mile I drove, and every down pour we drove through and ran through as we unloaded! I scrubbed refrigerators, closet shelves, and drawers. Hung flags on the ceiling and vacuumed dog hair off an old couch. I’d do it again tomorrow if asked. We all would.
    You done good, Melissa. William is going to come home soon, slamming the door and craving a good home cooked meal, just like the old days.
    Happy birthday, William!

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