All the Crazy Things

Despite what the calendar says, I’m pretty sure yesterday was the longest day of the year. However, I probably only feel this way because I left for school as the sun was rising and stayed busy until well after it had gone down.

Yesterday looked a little something like this: First day of school (first day of my 2nd year), mine and Danny’s 5-year anniversary, and a Football Jamboree. In the hidden corners of the day, were: it’s the night before my brother moves to Columbia and I am not there, it’s the night before Danny leaves for his New York trip and I’ve been busy all week, I’m exhausted from the week, and my To-Do list for school never got finished. It was a crazy day.

I am learning many things as I continue to grow up and one of them is that life is full of crazy days or crazy weeks. Life IS all the crazy things. And MY life, is how I choose to live out those days and weeks full of all the crazy things.

So your anniversary and first day of school might fall on the same day…just like your birthday might fall on Easter. And you won’t finish everything you wanted to before the students come back…just like you won’t keep your new apartment forever clean in the process.

Apparently, this is life. Who knew? Or better yet, who knew and didn’t warn me? (Just kidding, my mom did, but I refuse to believe her sometimes because I like to live in denial)

Hello, Mel…welcome to life!

And now some pictures as a reward for listening to my ramblings…(aka…what I did this week)IMG_3049

IMG_3048 IMG_3047IMG_3046 IMG_3045

Hello new classroom!

What sort of crazy things does life have going on for you right now?

xoxo, Mel


Any thoughts?

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