Half-Truth, 1/4 Truth, Lie

I’m going to tell you a quick little something that is mostly a lie. A half-truth if you will. (Maybe a 1/4 truth if we’re being real)

And it’s ok because I’m telling  you that it’s a lie. I’m pretty sure that’s how honesty works.

Moving isn’t actually ALL bad.

Allow me to translate that for you…

1/4 of moving isn’t bad.

(Mel from two weeks ago has now put me on her infamous “Kick & Punch List.”

But we all know how threatening that is…)

Most of moving is horrible. This is truth.

But then there’s that glorious 1/4 of moving where all of the things get put in all of the places and you feel like the organized queen you always knew you were meant to be. I give it two weeks into the school year, but until then I will wear my crown with pride.

My closet is color-coded for crying out loud.

And I made my bed this morning. Just. Because.

Also, the dishes, they aren’t mocking me.

Again, I give it two weeks. Anyone want to take bets?

Perhaps the biggest and best outcome of this extreme surge in organization and “get-things-done” attitude is that my necklaces that once (and by once I mean for 3 years) looked like this:


Now look like this:


The answer is yes. All of those necklaces are in the first picture on the jewelry hanger.

See what I mean about the crown?

Nothing like taking over 3 years to do a Pinterest project. But that seems to be what I’m averaging these days.

What are you getting into here at the end of Summer? Does it involve writing Syllabusssess (syllabi) and listening to this song on repeat?

I sure hope so! The latter part that is.

Tell me about it all.




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