Collage Wall Hype



Most of you saw this photo on Instagram the other day. 18 of you liked it…of which I am eternally grateful…especially since we all know the # of likes you get is equivalent to how cool you are in the real world. amirite?


This is a pic of my new collage wall at the new apt, something I’ve always wanted to do. “Always” meaning for the past 3 years that collage walls have been popular.

It took me 3+ years to actually do this…and it is literally one of the easiest projects ever. Needless to say, I have a tendency to overcomplicate things. And to be lazy, yea that too.

Before, I thought a wall like this would require different sized frames, a bunch of nails in the wall, and A LOT of pre-planning…involving practice arrangements and placeholders on the wall.

But then I discovered Washi Tape. I really shouldn’t say discovered since it has probably been around for awhile now and I am just catching on.

Do you know what this stuff is? Am I the only one? Probably.

Whatever the case, this stuff is fabulous! And as a wannabe fabulous person myself, I am drawn to such.

It is tape. It sticks to walls, but doesn’t harm them. It comes in super fun colors and designs. …Like I said, fabulous!

This Washi Tape discovery and the fact that I was setting up a new space totally gave me the push I needed to tackle this project.

It took about 7 minutes. So 3+ years and 7 minutes later…

The collage wall was born.

Here are some close-ups of what I chose to put up…I love this part about a collage wall, because you really get to express your personality. It also allows you to use all those small and random things you’ve bought over the years that never had a home.

Also…the best part…It can be whatever you want! There are no rules.

photo 1

Vintage New York postcard. Bought in an Antique store in NC

photo 2

This ridiculous note from my sister…makes me laugh every time.

photo 3

Me and Danny dressed for the Murder Mystery Cruise

& A watercolor bought at the same Antique store in NC

photo 4

My ‘imperfect but proud of it anyway’ print I did over Christmas Break

(with major help from my friend Isley who knows about these things of course…)

photo 1

Representing my name with this ‘M’ that is from my Freshman Yr. Dorm room

(this one actually had to be hung up with a nail…)

photo 2

Cute sign Danny gave me for Christmas. (also with a nail…)

photo 3

My handsome brothers & a little hometown love. The MI not to be confused with Michigan…

So there you have it! Just about all the Collage Wall Hype you could handle on a Wednesday morning. I am now officially running late for my move-out inspection (I’m coming for you shower head…arghhh)…it’s a good day.

Do you have any projects you’ve been wanting to try? Can you re-work them to include Washi Tape? Cuz if so…EASY-PEASY!

Have you always wanted to try a collage wall? The time is now!

The time is now also 10:37…again running late.





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