7,441 miles

7,441 miles. That’s the number Google gave me when I searched the distance from here to Uganda.

One of my best friends Katherine is spending her summer over there, and a few weeks ago, she had the opportunity to meet our Compassion International child, Vivian.

As we began our freshman year of college, Katherine and I decided to begin sponsoring a little girl through Compassion International. We found Vivian on their website, sitting in our unfinished basement dorm room before classes had even started, and with one click, we became her sponsors. And we never looked back.

In many ways, the 5 years between then and now have flown by. And with each passing month I send money to Katherine, thanks to my “Vivian” reminder on my phone, and then go on with my life. But this month was different. That sweet girl was more real to me than ever, knowing that Katherine was actually going to meet her!

I was able to send her a letter through Katherine, and they were on my mind throughout the entire day. However, the 7,441 miles remained.

Katherine is the one with the story, and I want to give this post over to her…click here to read about her experience over on her blog. I promise it is worth your time.





Any thoughts?

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