Beach House Livin’

It’s 10pm and I’ve been home from my yearly Atlanta trip for a few hours now. There are a million other things I should be doing, but somehow…and not surprisingly, I find myself binge-watching Netflix (Ugly Betty if you’re wondering) and staring at my planner wishing I could cross more things off.

I also find myself here, typing away at a blog post that was meant to go up a week and a half ago. It’s a slow progress, getting back on the horse.

I spent the week of July 4th at home with family and friends, and was reminded why laid-back beach house vacations are the best things ever.

So many good things happen at a Beach House…you know…like staying in your bathing suit all day kind of good.

and best friend selfies kind of good.


and catching this moment between our moms kind of good.


and so much time on our hands that we take too many selfies kind of good.


and spending time catching up with old friends kind of good. The kind of catch up sesh that doesn’t end till 4am kind of good.


and never take your sunglasses off kind of good.

photo 3

and airbrush tattoos kind of good.


photo 1

and front porch rocking-chair reading kind of good.


and #nofilter sunsets kind of good


and back porch sitting with all your people kind of good.


and festive cousins kind of good.


It was kind of good…you get it?

Beach House Livin’ is the best kind of summer. And I soaked up every minute that I could. What have you been soaking up lately?





4 thoughts on “Beach House Livin’

    • Haha…. So much you said it twice 😉 we love you Tay and missed you in Atlanta on the girls trip!
      M’Em, I am so happy we got to share beach house livin’…and hope so again next year! Love you bunches!!!! And loved our drive back chat!!

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