I really like to write, but sometimes the words don’t come easy. Sometimes they come to me at the most in-opportune moments, while I’m showering or driving for example, and they disappear from my head as soon as I can sit down in front of a computer.

In my head I feel eloquent, but that trait rarely carries its way to a blog post.

It’s been tough for me to write this past year and every time I come over to this space, I feel like I have to blow some dust off the words and scatter out the cobwebs. I don’t like it.

I’m not even sure who would still be here to read what I write anymore. It’s been that neglected.

I want to say that I will commit to doing better, to writing 3 posts a week, 2…1, but I’ve already tried that once and I failed miserably.

Just know that I’m working through some roadblocks to get me back to this space that I love so much.

…Roadblocks such as –

Lack of time/energy (really not an excuse right now seeing as I’m on Summer break)

Over analyzation

Fear of saying the wrong thing

& Procrastination

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to write more. One month later, in late February, I started this blog and wrote consistently through that year. It was an awesome outlet, and I impressed myself with what I was doing. Now, over a year later, large parts of my brain have been committed to other things, I have gotten gun-shy, and this outlet has fallen through the cracks. My hope is to find my way back to this place and the consistency of my words.

Whoever you are, if you’re even still bothering to read things when I post, or coming over here to check the blog, thank you. Thanks for sticking around.

Here’s to smashing Roadblocks and glorious Summertime.




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