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In my year-ish of blogging, in 100some blog posts, not a single one has been about my Mom. In many ways, my family is a favorite topic of mine, but if you peruse my pasts post, I promise you will not find one about my mom.

Maybe this doesn’t make sense to you. Perhaps you’re inclined to ask why.

Well here it is…I can’t.

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I cannot even go there without getting weepy. This is the case when I write about anyone in my family, but I’ve always known that any post attempt to write about my mom, and I would be a puddle.

The truth is, this lady is my best friend. Hands down.

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The truth is, there was a time when I would walk ahead of her in the mall because I wanted to be there by myself like the older kids were.

The truth is, there was a time when I wanted to be anywhere other than home, not knowing that that was where the best friend I could have was hanging out.

The truth is, there was a time when Mother’s Day was one of those days on the Calendar that I saw as a day without my friends.

The truth is, there was a time when I didn’t recognize my mom for who she was.

The truth is, the older I get, the more I wake up to all of the things she’s done for me and my siblings for the last 23 years…to all of the things she has sacrificed.

The truth is, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it.

The truth is, that she has been such an amazing mom, that I can’t even imagine doing her job myself one day.

The truth is, this lady is my best friend. Hands down.


So this one goes out to my momma… (as I try not to become a puddle)

…to the lady who can talk me down no matter how outrageous the situation, who let’s me go on and on and on as long as I need about the crisis/frustration/praise/worry/fear/celebration that is most pressing in my life at the current moment. …to the lady who drops everything to come to me when I need her, whether it is to Spartanburg because I needed something to look forward to on the Weekends or to Charleston to set up my classroom because I was about to become a HS Spanish (first-year) teacher one week before the first day of school. …to the lady who has ALWAYS made Birthdays and Holidays special, who has made her fair share of homemade birthday cakes and wrapped many many presents that match her kids’ personalities so well. …to the lady who shares my love of all things Target, Vintage, and Coke-Icee related. …to the lady who loves us all so so well

…to my momma, to whom I am totally insufficiently grateful



I don’t know if you know this yet or not, but you are my best friend. There is the saying that “you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends,” and for a time I’m sure I had my moments agreeing with that. But now, I am continuously amazed by how well we fit together. No, I didn’t get to choose my family, and I’m pretty glad I didn’t. I couldn’t have chosen better. Thank you mom. Thank you times a million.

You’re the best Mom I have ever had. =)

And just proof that I am not the only one who gets weepy when they think/talk about their mom…





4 thoughts on “Momma

  1. I literally couldn’t get through this without stopping to wipe the tears!! You are very blessed to have a wonderful Mom (& best friend) but she’s equally as blessed to have you as a daughter/friend who loves & appreciates all she’s done for you & your family. Ok, I’m rambling!! Your best post yet 🙂

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