When I’m not failing at life or taking almost a month to write a blog post, I tend to get pretty excited about books…like full on geeking out excited.

I find more joy than I probably should updating my “Read” page on this blog, and I’m frequently the grinning weirdo smelling books at Barnes and Noble.

So when I learned of this “GoodReads” app that not only allows you to search ALL THE BOOKS and add them to lists for your organizing pleasure, but also RECOMMENDS new books for you to enjoy…I was an immediate and unquestioning fan.

Lists and Books. Two of my most very favorite things.

All of this to say that I recently spent an entire Saturday on the couch and the most productive thing I did was categorize ALL THE BOOKS in my life into lists of “to read,” “read,” and “bests reads.”

photo 2 photo 3

(Pictures for my visual learners)

I even went so far as to split my “to read” list into two categories of books that could be found at my public library, and books that would need to be found/bought elsewhere.

It was a really good Saturday.

As we creep closer and closer to beach-reading and country-music season, I get more and more giddy about working my way through my “to-read” list. My goal is lofty. I’m talking 20 books in 3 months. We will see how things go.

What is on your “to-read” list? Are you a fellow Public Library patron or have you switched to an E-Reader? If so, how do you sleep at night? (jk. kinda.)

Talk to me people.

Spring break makes me chatty.





Any thoughts?

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