Teacher Photo Dump

Few words, many pictures…

This is the first time in quite awhile that I’ve sat down at my computer for fun and not for having to… (i.e. making tests, study guides, quizzes, etc.)

Getting reacquainted today with a little photo-dump of my (teacher) year for you…

(if you’re not super jazzed about teacher/classroom pictures, click here and here and here to reminisce about this time last year!)

…tomorrow marks the end of 3rd quarter and I am equal parts ecstatic and incredulous that Monday we begin our 4th and final quarter of the year.

Have I really almost done this?

Let’s see what we have here…


“In the beginning”


“I’m smiling but I’m actually terrified”



IMG_1945“Homecoming Week”

IMG_1999“Word-wall in progress”

IMG_2033“Emphasis on wall

IMG_2037“Telling time is so much more fun when done on a flower clock”

IMG_2043“Thanksgiving door-decor”

IMG_2046“Thankful hands”

IMG_2187“Happy New Year!”

IMG_2191“Words of the year: Palabras del año”

photo 1-4“We are monsters.”

photo 2-4“Up close and personal”

What awaits me now is stacks on stacks on stacks of grading that must be done before tomorrow and an apartment situation that can only be described as a “dismal.”

Naturally I will probably need a power nap to tackle all the things.




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