Let’s Go Sunshine

Something’s been happening lately…and that something is called

4:45pm-about 6:15pm everyday.

It is my happy place, and it looks a little something like this…


See that there…? The bright light coming from the center of the photo? That is called sunlight and I am in LOVE.

We’ve been reunited after a rocky few months, but things are better than ever, and there is some sort of promise that he’ll be able to hang out even longer once March 9th rolls around…let the countdown begin.

This little happy hr and a half I’ve been enjoying these last couple of weeks has quickly become my favorite part of the day…so much so that sometimes, I even forget it’s a weekday as I peruse Facebook in it’s entirety and bask in the seemingly never-ending sunlight.

The rules for this time are as follows-

1) No pencil skirts, tights, or any other generally restricting article of clothing allowed. This is a sweatpants/oversized goodwill sweatshirt ONLY zone.

2) Open the blinds the second you get home! Let ALL the sunlight in!

3) Check Facebook…click on links that interest you…read blog posts completely…all until your head hurts. And love every minute of it.

4) Let Olaf’s “In Summer” play over and over in your head while simultaneaously praying the the sunshine will last a little bit longer than 6:15 today and that reality won’t come creeping back in with the nighttime.

5) Absolutely NO work-related reading/grading/etc. allowed.

It’s really that simple.

Oh, and if on your way to work one morning you feel the need to thank God for yet another beautiful day of warm weather and sun…be forewarned that an entire day of super dreary rain and cold might follow just to keep you on your toes.

What a sense of humor, you know?

What is your happy place? Busy moms and dads out there…how do you carve out time in your day to relax and unwind?

Share yo thoughts plzzz.




2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Sunshine

  1. Ummm, weekends are for rest and quiet time in between birthday parties and activities…we find happiness and our happy place within our lives and our children…oh, and the beach during summer. Hang in there, kiddo…you are doing great!

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