Hello! And welcome to the post where I dump a bunch of random thoughts, photos, Parks and Rec quotes, things I’ve been reading/watching, and recaps of this life of mine all under the tagline of “lately”

“Lately” meaning in the past 20 days since my last post.

Let’s do this.

Valentine’s Day on Actual Valentine’s Day- The perfect mix of romance and fun…


“Red roses, festive wear, and Sonic slushies”


“Sharply dressed Danny” aka “I never know what do do with my arm”


“Blurry/Fuzzy/Grainy but delicious!”


“Lego Movie Selfie”


“Because he knows me all too well”

A Valentine’s Gift – Thank you to Pinterest and my love of words.


“Danny’s First Valentine’s Mailbox”


“I love letters”

“Parks and Rec” gets me through- Watch both or we’re no longer friends. And it’s going to say something about embedding being disabled or some malarkey like that…but just click over and watch them on youtube…

Chef Danny- 


“Thank heavens for camera-phones”

Family Resemblance-


“Cain or my mom?”

Blogs you should read-

The Stanley Clan – Beautiful authenticity

Flower Patch Farmgirl – More beautiful authenticity.

Girl in Transition  – My longtime friend Katherine and some more beautiful authenticity.

Can you see a theme here?

Friday Night Lights Forever. Texas Forever. – Watch and understand. The whole series is on Netflix. You’re welcome.

tim riggins

Buzzfeed always knows how to say it.

As does Tami Taylor

Warning: don’t watch this if you have an aversion to the word y’all

This Weather though… – Instant happiness, everyday feels like Saturday until the sun goes down. I can almost smell the beach.


Austin Bond Photography 

Loving right now- 





This right here is what I’ve been needing all year long…for someone to see me, know that I need help and want to do so. I can’t even express how much this means to me. Thank you Mrs. DeBock.


Miss going to be 13 on Saturday. This post is for you…more pictures than words, just the way you like it. Happy almost birthday! Thank goodness you’re not like I was in Middle School.

Watch out for a teacher “dump” post soon.




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