For the Love of Snow Days

I love living in the South for many reasons…one being the way we react to cold weather and the equal parts threat and promise of snow. (Another has something to do with how the way I say ‘park’ for parking space and ‘buggy’ for shopping cart makes Danny all confused, but that’s not where we’re headed here.)

Yes, there are plenty of internet memes and BuzzFeed articles making fun of how ‘weak’ we are when it comes to a little snow, ice, and just-below-freezing temps, but if you ask me (let’s pretend that you did) we totally rock some snow days.

For me, over the last few days, life (or at least all that icky responsibility) was essentially cancelled, as it was for many of you. And boy did I relish.


The picture above is from a pin I pinned on Pinterest a couple of years ago. We can disagree on literally everything else in the world, but I can’t imagine someone whose heart doesn’t flutter at that statement.

Having three snow/ice days of cancelled school in the middle of the week during the last week of January (my most ugh month) was this statement in real-life.

And if for a second you want to bring up “make-up days” right now, I suggest you swallow that down, chase it with something, and finish reading at another time.

I wouldn’t want to have to gnarl my teeth at you…we’re friends for heaven’s sake!

Life and all its responsibility was on a time-out, productivity took a back seat, and in its place,

…microwavable booties were worn, hair was not brushed, two books were read, faucets were left on a drip, Netflix and Hulu had an intense New Year workout, and insatiable hunger was attempted to be tamed.

(what is it about sitting on the couch all day that makes your appetite lose its mind?)

Chili. Cheezits. Popcorn. Cookies. Chocolate pudding. Fancy Pasta. Sour Patch Kids. The list could go on, but I will preserve some of my dignity.


(Made by Danny (obviously) with ingredients I didn’t even know I had. Typical)

Pair this with binge-watching House of Cards with Danny by my side and not a single obligation looming over our heads, and you can just color me pink. (as in tickled pink)

Danny didn’t get as long of a break as I did, but I made sure to keep him in the know of the snow day goings-on so he wouldn’t miss out…


Sure the apartment took a turn for the worse, as in there may or may not be something resembling a dish-pile happening in the sink, and Hulu’s “Daily Burn” advertisements constantly reminded me that reality would come back eventually, but there really is no taking the gift of these past few days away from me. They really were such a gift. And I made sure I made myself see that. I refused to get bored or stir-crazy and I  said “this is the best day ever!” out loud to Danny over and over again while he nodded along in agreement.

It’s back to normal tomorrow, and there are things on my To-do list that can no longer be ignored. However, I will not soon forget these days where snow in the South gave us a brief pause at life.

So here’s to showering for the first time at 8pm and changing up your pajama’s just to keep things fresh.

Snow Days, 2014 – You’ll always have a special place in my heart.



P.S. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that while these past few days have been a break for me (and maybe some more of us), there were plenty of Civil Servants working extra hard to keep us safe throughout the storm and I do hope you are able to get some rest now. You deserve it.

And last but not least, if you haven’t seen this article already, take a look and let your heart be reminded how people still know how to care for each other. Even strangers.


6 thoughts on “For the Love of Snow Days

  1. Thank you Mary Emily!!!! (MEL), I feel sooo much better now that i read your blog! I now feel that it was totally ok for me not to get out of my jammies( I did change jammmies at night:) lol !)
    I did feel bad for maybe one second! But, i sat tight, by the fire, made a pot of soup and watched a movie that i’ve been wanting to see for awhile ( I’m ashamed to say it was The Help, I read the book, loved it, but haven’t seen the movie yet:( yikes.)
    Now, i did have alot of things I could have done/ should have done, however… maybe God puts these days in ours lives to be still, regroup, let go and let God! You are amazing, i love you, and keep on writing!!! You are an inspiration, even for us older readers:) lol

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