Failing MLK day

Today was a fabulous day.

To start things off, it was a Monday but school was not in session. (Is there any better thing?) Not for teacher Mel, nor for Danny. He was also off from work. The heavens had really smiled down on us you know…

Sleeping till 11 happened…as did a little straightening of the apartment, and some  “so you don’t starve this week and/or spend money you don’t have on sushi” menu-planning.

Danny then took me to SamsClub and this may or may not have come home with me…



as in yes…it most certainly did.

We finished off our trip to N. Charleston with gift-card Panera lunch (thank you Tim and Jackie!) and my first stop into Mr. K’s used books where they sell books like this for $5…

Image 2


…and make 20-something blonde and broke nerdy girls like myself exclaim with disbelief and glee!

(tangent: looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Call the Midwife is your next stop. You’re welcome!)

The day continued on with both me and Danny in the kitchen (a sight to be seen for sure) and not one…but TWO “menu-planning” dishes cooking away.

You can say productivity was the theme of today. The best kind of productivity too. The kind that leaves you feeling like a boss at life.

And as we finished up at the grocery, I even found myself saying “wow, I sure could use a Monday off like this every week.”

(Down with Mondays!)

I tell you all of this not because I think you are all just dying to know what I did today (aren’t you though?), but to build up to a bigger point. (you know how I like to do that…)

That point being…for me, today was just a day off from work, one of those short weeks that keep teachers sane.

For me, today was just an ‘extra’ day to get all of those “to-do over the weekend” things done that never actually get done over the weekend.

And apart from hearing the marching bands of the MLK-day parade from my apartment this morning, or breezing past a few quotes on FB, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t exactly cross my mind.

I totally failed MLK day.

Did you know that this day, apart from commemorating all that Dr. King did for social justice and racial equality in our society is encouraged to be a day of service for Americans?

Neither did I.

This day is so much more than a day off from school or work. Why is that so easy to forget?

As I was working on my lesson-plans earlier this evening and letting the reality of failing MLK day sink in, I realized that maybe I could still salvage this. Maybe I could still do kinda-right by Dr. King and celebrate his legacy.

By being a teacher, I have the opportunity to shine a light on these things. I have the ability to raise awareness and create discussion. I have the privilege to do so.

Tomorrow, I attempt to salvage MLK day. Tomorrow, I attempt to do right by Dr. King by bringing him into the classroom and relating him to Spanish.

Image 1


Tomorrow the textbook curriculum and “sports vocabulary” will have to wait.

And next year, I hope to do better.

My apologies Dr. King. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for your words, and for saying things we needed to hear. Thank you for all that you gave.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” 

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968





Any thoughts?

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