Today I…

Today I…

– offered 2 points extra credit for the person who could tell me who Tim Riggins is…apparently Friday Night Lights isn’t popular with today’s youth. Blasphemy.

– listened to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat…Let it Go is my JAM (to my neighbors’ extreme pleasure I’m sure). Just call me the next Idina Menzel, except not really. At all.

– educated my students on why the movies that come out in January are no good

– and along those same lines explained to them (in Spanish mind you) why Miss Lee hates January. It was titled Srta. Lee vs. Enero

– thought about going to bed by 11 but then thought….ehhhh betta not

– wore leggings under my maxi skirt for the 5th day in a row…(the leggings, not the maxi skirt) Is that gross? I don’t think it matters when it is this cold outside, plus I have two pairs people so be calm.

– didn’t take a nap (gasps. awes. ohmygoodness’s.)

– and was told by a student that I should start a blog about the best teacher outfits, to which I replied…”oh, dear, you are too kind…if only you had seen me in college” =/ (i.e. i miss my yoga pants)

How was your day? There are basically no complete sentences here…I realize this. It’s also my first blog post in over a month. Can you even handle it? Are you even still here?

If so…hello, you are lovely.





12 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Mary Emily,
    I love reading your blog! I applaud you; it always makes me want to start blogging again! (After my very short attempt this summer) Thanks:)

  2. I lived with you in college and those “yoga pants” you referred to were actually sweatpants that were two sizes too big, accompanied by an oversized sweatshirt… And I loved you for ever second of it. But I am also glad that “Friday Mel” exists everyday now!

  3.’re back! You made my Thursday! Still love reading…❤️ For me, Mary Poppins soundtrack: can’t get enough of it! xo

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