I love you Pinterest, but it’s complicated.

First off, you should be aware that it is literally by sheer miracle that I am not curled up in my bed and drooling on my pillow in total siesta style right now.

The sun has been behind gray and drizzly clouds since I left school at 2:30 and now, only 3hrs later the sun is going down without an audience.

There’s just something not right about Day-lights savings time or the lack of.

This weather is nap.threatening i tell you…nap.threatening…but here I am, typing away, still in the clothes I taught in…tights included.

Everything that is happening right now is kind of blowing my mind.

Secondly, I wore this sweater to school today…

fox sweater

…any guesses how many times I heard a reference to “What does the Fox say???”

You couldn’t even begin to know. High School. 


Getting around to the reason you probably clicked on this post…

Let’s talk Pinterest for a minute.

We’re in a complicated relationship…me and this “pin-board, photo-sharing website.”


…and on the other…

I’m all like “Geez Pinterest, can you calm down with all the self-dissatisfaction you induce???”

Yea. Like I said…complicated.

There is this thing called the “Tyranny of the Shoulds,” that is essentially the act of creating an ideal self based on how you determine you “should be” and letting those “shoulds” run your life.  (Academically speaking, it is a psychological concept attributed to personality theorist Karen Horney and is probably a touch more complicated…you can read more about it here if you’d like.)

Basically, these “shoulds,” or this “ideal self” that you create, according to Horney, is not a positive goal and it is usually unrealistic and/or impossible.

And people who by into this “Tyranny of the Shoulds” spend their life vacillating back and forth between “hating themselves and pretending to be perfect.” (source)

Yes I just used the word vacillating. No, I am not intending for this to get all college class on you.

The point is, while I do not think that we are all this neurotic, I do think that sometime, things like Pinterest, in all their glory, have a way of going a little crazy with the ‘shoulds,’ if you know what I mean.

Still lost? Allow me to demonstrate…

An experience in Pinterest scrolling:

“35 vegan-recipes for thanksgiving? Wow that pie looks good! And it’s vegan?! Should I be a vegan? Wouldn’t I have a bunch more energy or something like that? What about this Paleo thing…should I be doing that too? Pin now, read later.

…oh my gosh! is that really the same person? Make-up contouring is the real-deal huh? I should learn to do that…goodness knows my face could use some help. Pin now, read later.

…Wow, I sure wish I owned this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this.

…hahahahaha, memes.

…I should make more money.

…I should cook/workout/read/DIY/entertain/travel/bake/write more.

Should, should, should, should, should, should, should…”

3 hours later…

Has this happened to you?

Yea. Me too.

The problem with all these shoulds is that they keep us from contentment. Be it, life, self, or closet-contentment.

And for a new teacher like myself, the shoulds especially fuel my self-doubt when searching for new teaching ideas suddenly becomes a “wow, my lesson-plans suck” kind of deal.

Entonces…I love you Pinterest, for all of your ideas, inspiration, eye candy, and Harry Potter pins, but it’s complicated, because I am not immune to the “tyranny of the shoulds” and your workout pins.

But when I see pins like these…


I know we can work it out.

Life isn’t ever going to be perfect people. I am never going to look like a VS model (hair, stomach, tan, and all), nor will I probably ever feel like I am all around totally rocking life. Life is messy and imperfect and the pins on Pinterest do not describe someone else’s reality that you are missing out on.

Be happy being you.

And let the realness drive you, not the shoulds.

(This one’s for you Mel)

Now, does anyone want to make two study guides for me???




One thought on “I love you Pinterest, but it’s complicated.

  1. hahahahhha so GREAT, made me laugh. You write totally how I feel. Love getting to see myself from another perspective! It rocks the way you describe how it is for so many of us! At least I can smile and laugh….much needed! xoxo

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