You’re Gonna Miss This…

I think we all know this song, right? If thats a no…click here and hang out with Trace Adkins for a min…approximately 3min and 44sec.

A few months back…when it was still flip-flop and ‘wow I really need a pedicure’ weather

a.k.a “Mel’s country music season”

this song was playing in the background as I was driving to work…it wasn’t one I would usually turn up and rock out to (ahem Cruise, Wagon Wheel, Momma’s Broken Heart), but the words kept catching my attention and I realized that Trace Adkins was totally turning my heart into words for all the listeners of Charleston’s The Wolf to hear.

Now seeing as this song is like 5 years old…I’m sure it is not the first time someone has connected with it. In fact, I’m sure I totally missed the bandwagon back in ’08 because I was too busy painting my fingernails black and listening to any bands with strange names that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t dare) find on the radio. (Cute Is What We Aim For in the house!)


(we were so edgy, no?)

(and don’t even think we’re not headed to the CIWWAF concert here back in ’08…maybe ’07, because we are…we most definitely are)

(That’s me in the pink chuck-taylor’s and the black polka dots)

(Concert on a school night! We are SO cool!)

(Too many photo captions)

(At least they aren’t #s)


Pardon the tangent all the way back to ’07-’08…What were we talking about again?

Oh yea, heartfelt connections with country songs. Pretty mind-blowing stuff, right?

Well if you’ll allow me to have my moment…

Trace Adkins is SO right…you ARE going to miss all of those things he sings about. As life goes on and as you grow up, you’ll start looking back and…well you know…

start wishing your dad was driving you to school again or that your mom was sitting down to watch The Bachelor with you.

Little “thought she was edgy” 16-17 yr. old Mel probably didn’t give this song a second listen back then for the sole fact that she didn’t believe a word of it…she probably heard it once and called ‘BLASPHEMY!’

Like I said, she was too busy painting her finger-nails black, arguing with her mom about their differing interpretations of the definition of ‘clean,’ and never wanting to be at home.

She couldn’t wait to be doing what I’m doing now…living on my own, finally having a reason to buy housewares from Target, and only cleaning up when I feel like it.

But man…

On days like today, when I wake up knowing Danny is working till midnight and that it will be a solo day for me, my apartment desperately needs to be cleaned but I don’t actually feel like doing it, and another work week is just around the corner…

Man…does my heart ache for home.

Especially when these faces are staring at you from your desk as you write…


(Don’t mind me…I definitely still rock that dress, but my siblings have changed so much since then! And Myrt of course has not because she’s always beautiful and doesn’t age.)

Life has changed so much. Mostly for the better…mostly for the expected. If you charted where I am in my life right now with other people my age…I’m pretty sure I’m in the right life-stage…

Marrying off best-friends, struggling at first-jobs, enjoying finally having a reason to buy professional clothes (ok, maybe that’s only me), kinda trying to figure out life, relating to any post about 20-somethings you see on Facebook, spending a little too much time on said FB, trying to break your nap habit (ok, again…maybe only me)…

…and finally being the older you always wanted to be.

That all sounds about right, doesn’t it?

But dang-it Trace Adkins…was that ‘eerily-accurate futuristic prediction’ song of yours really necessary?

Wahhhhh!!! Sniffle, sniffle. Watch a bunch of TV. Munch on Sour Patch Kids like you did in 9th grade. Listen to OneDirection. Plan out your Homecoming Week outfits like it’s your Senior Year again.

Miss home. Miss family. Miss being an expert on life. Miss Mom. Miss Dad. Miss the comforts of home. Miss living in the same city as your best friend. Miss having people to go to midnight premieres with. Miss MI. Miss your neighborhood. Miss random visits from friends.

Miss a whole helluva bunch.

Anyone else out there? Can I get an ‘Amen’ ?

Fill me in.




Any thoughts?

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