It’s Fall, and here’s why

What you didn’t know? The whole Starbucks pumpkin craze didn’t give it away?

Well then, yes, it’s true…Summer is getting further and further away from us with each passing day.

Actually, it’s officially Fall as of a couple of weeks ago but I am always slow to accept that Summer has actually left us.

Maybe you are too.

Plus I never look at a calendar unless its the test calendar at school and that one doesn’t tell me such interesting facts.

So I’ve been holding tight to Summer and wearing spring/summer colored clothes to school like a champ.

This season change has pretty much become impossible to ignore however, and here’s why…

Mel’s “It is in fact Fall” List

1. I’m done with country music for the year…like can’t listen to it anymore. I’ve told you before that this tends to be a strictly summer thing for me…and it’s true. Sorry boys, but you’ll have to tell someone else all about your barefoot blue jean, night train chasin,’ chevy pick-up truck cruisin’ nights. I’ll see you in June.

2. My classroom actually gets cold. Meaning Ms. Lee doesn’t sweat through ALL of THE THINGS.

3. I put together Halloween costumes using clothes from my closet in my spare time.


(This one is called, Shiny Minnie)

4. And then proceed to channel said Halloween costumes at school the next day.


(To answer your question, yes…I am embarrassed about the number of selfies I took today)

5. This girl is getting married in less than 3 weeks!


6. Fox sweaters.

fox sweater

7. Bringing the santa socks back from their winter hibernation.


8. And TV is back!

What’s on your “It is in fact Fall” list? What are you going to be for Halloween? What TV shows do you watch? How do you feel about pumpkin flavored things? Do you like to rebel with your summer colors after labor day?

Just roll with the questions people.

And eventually I hope to get some of my more serious thoughts on here for you. I’ve got posts floating around in my head always hoping to be picked next, but then I disappoint them in favor of a picture of santa socks and a farewell to country music.

Tis the life.

Thanks for sticking around.

And Happy Fall!




Any thoughts?

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