Please don’t ask me to come up with a title…

It’s getting to that time where I really should be in bed…

…that is, if I was a responsible adult or something.

(tangent: if you were thinking that I must be a responsible adult now that I stand in front of High Schoolers all day, let me point you to this trusty article about 20-somethings…not all of these apply to me…as in, don’t worry mom, I’m not choosing vodka (#2), but if you wanted to pay special attention to #s 1, 4 (absolutely 4), 5, & 16 you might understand my life a little more.) 

But instead, I am here…finally writing a blog post after (please don’t say how long) awhile.

There will be no long drawn out apologies or explanations, because, well…I’ve just been wearing blinders, treading water, running on the metaphorical teacher treadmill if you will and I just haven’t sat down to write.

When I sit down I usually fall asleep or go on “Friday Night Lights” binges. (Ahem, Tim Riggins…can you say DREAMY ?!)

But I miss this, I miss you guys…I miss reflecting and letting my thoughts just spill out on the screen with only a tiny filter.

So following that same theme…here they are, my thoughts at 11:39pm (just a smidgen past my responsible adult bedtime) –

1. First off, if anyone has a way to make this song play in my head at all times (i.e. all day, everyday) please let me know…

2. If you’re up late reading this right now, that means you have time to watch this 3min Swiffer commercial…I know…you’re thinking…”3 mins?!” but it’s worth it. More than worth it actually. It’ll give your heart a pick-me-up. Say thank you Isley…

3. I have my first Picture Day in 5 years tomorrow. And my face is peeling from my beach trip on Sunday. So pretty much it’s like every picture day in High School all over again. Mom, I will try to keep my eyes open.

4. My phone has been installing IOS 7 for like 3 hours now. And I didn’t even want it! I’ve seen what it can do, I am not excited.

R.I.P. Everyone’s Favorite Text Screen


(google images)

5. Speaking of Harry Potter (look at the texts in the picture above if you didn’t follow that logic), I gave a student an Extra Credit point the other day for using the word “apparate” in a real life situation.

6. I talked to my dad on the phone for an hour tonight. That really made me happy.

7. And in case you were wondering, I can still back spot like a champ.

And just like that, I’m done. Anything you want to fill me in on in your lives? Is that too many prepositions in one sentence? Don’t judge me…




One thought on “Please don’t ask me to come up with a title…

  1. Every blog I read that you write….uhmmm (clearing of the throat) I fall in love with my 2nd daughter all over again!!! You are so “freakin” awesome!!!!! LOL
    I CAN’T wait to see you!!! Last week seems eons ago. And can you believe it’s only 17 days away???? agggghhhhhhhh

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