I am in a special place…

It’s almost the end of week three and I just finished making two tests for two of my classes to take tomorrow. For one of these classes, this is test 2.

(This means I have taught enough material to warrant 2 tests…ay dios mio)

The school year is plugging right along and day by day, week by week, I feel a little more acclimated, a little more capable. (But mom, if you call me on Sunday night…I still might have a meltdown…)

And even though I can’t seem to wake up before 11 on Saturdays…I am averaging 1 blog post a week (2 if you count FtBF…but not last week), and I’m still at the same place in Rob Lowe’s Memoir/Autobiography that I was 3 weeks ago…things are good.

Or at least things are getting there. We’re getting to good. Heck, by Christmas we may even be at great. (And maybe by then I’ll have finished learning about Rob Lowe’s life.)

Today was Thursday…or yesterday was at this point. (Boy, that soda I had at lunch is really doing its thing…you go Dr. P) Thursday means Chapel day. It also means my first class start like 40 min later and my alarm can go off a little bit later than normal.

Needless to say, last week I did not attend Chapel. This week however, after seeing how excited the students were about me going, I made it out there in time.

And I am really glad I did.

Y’all, today I realized that I am in a really special place.

And these kids are pretty awesome.

Just thought I’d share that with you tonight…




3 thoughts on “I am in a special place…

  1. The good Lord has your best interest at heart! He knows what He is doing…Jeremiah 29:11! I love you so very much and am so very proud of you!! Mom

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