A Whirlwind 2 Weeks

There are a lot of things to share. Mainly pictures, I’ll pause for the shrieks of delight…(Anna Wallace), some coherent thoughts, and some random blabberings.

The past two weeks have been quite the whirlwind.

Lemme break it down for ya,

Last Monday night- get email officially welcoming me to the school’s family. Sister sleepover…


Early Tuesday morning- receive more welcome emails followed by quite the “paperwork to be completed by Thursday” list

Tuesday afternoon- Shopping for Bachelorette party paraphernalia with my sidekicks Isley and Anna Wallace. And no, I absolutely did not huff and puff around the dollar tree because I couldn’t find hand fans…no matter what Anna Wallace tells you.

Thursday- Day 1 at the school. I have a classroom. Teachers are talking about something called a kidney table and I show up with some old expo markers I’ve had since High School and a flash drive. Things are off to an interesting start. I also look like a middle schooler.


Oh yea…and Rob Lowe, because you can’t start any new job off without a little Rob Lowe…am i right?

IMG_1576Classroom Day 1

Friday- Day 2 at the school…some more staring at this blank slate of a classroom and learning how to use a walkie-talkie. Head home to MI to get ready for Bachelorette Weekend 2.0 starting in the AM (I don’t know what the 2.0 has to do with anything. But it’s there and it just feels wrong to backspace it now.)

Friday night- Getting my pinterest on…



(Major shout-out to my mom and A-dubs for finding the fans…)


(….and for this, plus much much more)


Saturday Morning- Why am I up at 7:30? Oh yea, I’m a grown up now or something. Last minute and hurried errands stopped dead in their tracks by this view of the inlet God made me stop and stare at when I went to go get Anna Wallace from a sleepover.


(y’all…I took this with my iPhone. It literally took my breath away)

Saturday at 11- Let the lingerie party (or ling-er-ree as AW likes to say) and Bachelorette Weekend 2.0  commence!

Just look at those faces…




We had way too much fun!


(You better believe those fans came in handy)



My best friend.


Late night visits! I’ve loved these girls since elementary school.

And after sleeping for 6 hours after they all left on Sunday, it was back to “I’m becoming a teacher mode” for three days of in-service before school started yesterday.

Here’s how everything turned out…










And then somehow yesterday I showed up in teacher clothes and became Ms. Lee…I went over a syllabus that I WROTE and assigned homework.


I also took these.



(Day 2)

When will I stop taking selfies in the classroom? Probably never.

And then on top of everything me and Danny celebrated (or at least acknowledged) our 4 year anniversary yesterday…woop woop!


And last but not least, those random blabberings I promised you…(because how could you not want more from me after this post???)

Mom did you or Anna Wallace take my house coat with you back to MI????

Currently rocking out to: Hillsong Praise and Worship songs in Spanish.

Troubled by the fact that I have microwaved my dinner two nights in a row…trip to the farmers market tomorrow!

And a special and totally love-filled shout out to my mom, Cain, and Anna Wallace and Mrs. Nan and Taylor for coming to help me get my room set up…

…to my dad for being just as excited for me even from afar

…to my mom for keeping me sane and for her complete willingness to help

…to Cain for sending me the sweetest little brother encouragement text on my first day

…to Danny for letting me cry out my fears

…to Anna Wallace for this note I found hidden in my desk this morning


…and to all of you for all of your encouraging comments and well-wishes. I have cherished them more than you could know.

2 days down, lots to go.




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