Hi there.

My mom is referring to me as Ramona, Anna Wallace is my only snapchat friend, megalodon may or may not exist…(you know, shark week), and apparently there is a new teenage girl obsession with something called the thigh gap. How’s your Monday treating you?

Also, this is happening on the electronic picture frame beside me…

photo (5)

photo (4)(yes that is me dressed as ‘end of the movie Sandy’ in like 9th grade…something I had been waiting to do since I was 5)

Favorite thing about today…

photo (6)

My new iPad wallpaper.

Muggle mondays…rough life.




4 thoughts on “Hi there.

  1. Mel, Your mom and sister were at church yesterday! Such an exciting thing to see them (although I was far away and didn’t get to speak).
    PS–How is Anna Wallace old enough for youth group!?!?!
    PPS–I have no idea why out of all the options for communication I chose a blog post comment to talk to you about this. Ha!

    • I asked them if they saw you! Anna Wallace says she did and said you have super long hair now (I guess compared to before, haha) my mom didn’t see you but said she spoke to Rhett at the end of the service.

      Anna Wallace is going to be in 7th grade and I absolutely can’t believe it! She’s not our baby anymore!

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