Find the Beauty Friday ~ August 2nd

Even though August is upon us…showing up despite my fervent protests, I am still here to share some beauty with you.

**Find the Beauty Friday, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.**

Let’s just say that this week has been full of…well life. Life and all that comes with it…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Looking back, and reflecting over the week, finding beauty…proves interesting.

Let’s get started…

1. This cheeseburger.


I don’t eat a lot of cheeseburgers these days but when I do, it’s usually because it’s just one of those times that calls for a cheeseburger. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Today was that day, I needed a carbo-load, a greasy one at that. Well played Mr. Cheeseburger, well played.

2. Finding future baby announcements for my “totally non-existant, many years out” child. Don’t act like you haven’t done this too…cough cough, Pinterest. 


(Thank you Mrs. Jean for sharing this with me)

I responded to her facebook inbox with… “Oh my gosh. This is happening to my child.”

3. Sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly…appreciating life for what it is.

4. Leaving the car dealership with this for my receipt…


HELLOOOOOOOOOO…and we’re happy now.

5. Lot’s of writing…not necessarily on here seeing as I skipped 3 days but there was indeed writing.

6.  Date days and the rain holding off…basically.


7. Learning how to make a GIF, i’ll re-share it with you just in case you missed it…(I’m really proud)

8. Friends coming to stay the night…safe travels Colleen and Axl!

9. Dinner dates.


10. This post on NEON FRESH.

Where did you see the beauty in your week? How is life treating you? Is it reminding you that the clouds aren’t made of cotton candy?

Share with me!




Any thoughts?

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