The coolest thing I’ve ever done…

Besides being generally awesome in all categories of my life…(cough, cough) the coolest thing I’ve ever, ever, ever done…

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…imagine some drumming while the Fresh Prince dances along…

…is secretly mail out Hogwarts acceptance letters to my friends in High School.


I have a thing for letters guys. Like anonymous, encouraging, make you wanna cry letters. These were not them. Yet somehow, they were even cooler.

I made them from scratch, like grandma would cookies and I spent so much time ‘authenticating’ them that I may have neglected my school work. (But who has school work their senior year of hs anyways…?)

Y’all, I even wax-sealed the envelopes with red wax and stamped them with an H. Just talking about it makes my mouth water.

I had never done anything so creative. So awesome. And I haven’t since.

I sent them out to 6 or so friends and addressed them to their respective “cupboard under the stairs.” They even came with supplies lists and directions for where to catch the Hogwarts Express.

They. Were. Real.

So real in fact that my best friend Taylor admits to actually thinking her time had finally come for a full 20 seconds before snapping back to reality.


Here we are laughing about that and other tomfoolery Saturday night…

She says…”I legit thought that the age for real muggles must be 18 instead of 11.”


Here we are being adults. (Take note at how stellar-ly (not a word but ok) I am rocking that sunburnt face.)

I wish now that I had made one for myself so I could display it on my fridge and look at it any time I got discouraged with real life saying to myself…”never forget you were accepted to Hogwarts.” I think that would be quite the encouragement.

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever ever done? Do you like Harry Potter? (Warning: ‘Yes’ is the only acceptable answer for that question.)

Do you dream of being accepted to Hogwarts? Rumor is they are to start doling out acceptance letters come August…look for them at a mailbox near you. Just make sure it’s your mailbox, we can’t be committing federal crimes in the name of Harry Potter people, we just can’t.

Mondays are for muggles.




8 thoughts on “The coolest thing I’ve ever done…

  1. I remember that day!! Oh my, she started jumping up and down, screaming “OH MY GOSH, Oh my gosh..I’m going to Hogwarts”!!! I stand shaking my head, tsk’ing and rolling my eyes! My thoughts were….where is that common sense, Oh God!??? hahaha and then I say,Taylor, SERIOUSLY!!! hahahhahha and we both “die laughing” ❤ Such a fond memory!!! They were so "awesome-ly REAL"!

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