Find the Beauty Friday ~ July 26th

It makes me a little sad that next Friday we will be into August…August (while still technically part of summer) always represents the end, the winding down…the month that all the jelly-fish invade the inlet and hurricanes are more likely. July went too fast. And I would love to hit pause.

But since I can’t do that…I’ll just continue to try and make the most of each day, finding the beauty in the little things.

**Find the Beauty Friday, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.**

1. Pool day with Mrs. Nan and Taylor

2. Loving on this blog

3. Impromptu after work visit with Isley

4. Long talks with my mom and Mrs. Nan (my second momma!)

5. Productive days, hope for my next steps.

6. My ‘to read’ just getting longer and longer…

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 10.49.57 AM


7. Beach today!


Where did you see the beauty in your week? Please share!




Any thoughts?

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