Will you let me gush?

Your click on this means yes…therefore I do not apologize for what is about to follow. Having basically bounced back from my cover letter writing meltdown (you’ll be happy to know I’m still going by Mel, and only have random tendencies to switch to a British accent), I feel like sharing with you what has been keeping me practically sane this summer.

Apart from absolute gorgeous days on the water/at the beach, time spent with Danny and my family, reflecting, sharing, (and venting) on here, and long talks with my momma, reading has also had a big part in making this Summer more than just a discouraging job-searching one, in making it a great one.

And reflecting on truths like this lifts my spirits like nothing else.

There is beauty in this mess.

And reading? Oh how it soothes my soul.

And the book I want to gush about? Seven by Jen Hatmaker, winner of my completely un-sanctioned and subjective “Seriously Good Book” Award


“7 is the true story of how Jen took seven months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence.” (jenhatmaker.com)

I’ll admit, I was wary of this book at first…it was my “learn-something/improve yourself” book purchase at Barnes and Noble and sometimes, reading those kinds of books make me antsy and take me forever to read. I was expecting this, I was expecting not to want to bring it to the beach.

I was fearful of guilt-inducing and self-improvement professional language that made my head hurt just thinking about it.

And as I scanned the intro/first couple of pages these are the thoughts that ran through my head: Oh no, the author is married to a pastor and God “turned their world upside down…” what was that? something about ‘not watching TV?’ oh heck no. (cue heart palpitations) This is going to be an uncomfortable read…one of those “wow, this person and God like totally have it going on and now I have a knot in my stomach” kind of reads.

I turned the page, and the next thing I knew I was through to page 63. Somewhere around page 6, when she starts describing ‘the council’ (her friends who are going to be doing some form of Seven with her) my heart found its normal rhythm, the knot in my stomach dissipated and the antsy-ness gave way to laughter.

Truth is? I devoured this book…it was delicious, and I already feel like doing it again.

Jen’s writing is gentle and hilarious at the same time. And real…so very very real. She wrote it in real time, kind of like a day-to-day reflection on her experiences with ‘Seven’ and these reflections are un-sanitized, hilarious, and poignant.

Among the many quotes I underlined/highlighted/made note of throughout the book, the one that first eased all of my pre-conceived nonsense was when, in the first month, food, where she is only eating seven different foods, she quips…”If I have to eat another piece of spinach, I am going to start stabbing people.”

From then on, we were friends.

Do you want to come over and discuss the book over brownies? I am totally down.

Read the book people. Because I say so.

But then again, who am I? I’m just a girl who was nervous to read a book written by a pastor’s wife.





Any thoughts?

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