Hanging out with Mindy Kaling

Ok so we didn’t really hang out, but I read her book and I watch the Mindy Project…doesn’t that make us friends?

Don’t answer that.

Her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) is funny. She’s funny. And if there was a face-in-hole template with her and someone else, I totally would have made one to prove we are friends.

There’s not…I already checked.

So I made this minion one instead…


(It would have worked a lot better if Cain was more minion like, but alas.)

Tangent: Do y’all remember face-in-hole? I think it was popular in High School, now the website seems sort of sad, like nobody ever goes to it.

In celebration of Ms. Kaling’s book, seeing as it was (along with Seven) the first book I bought in 4-years, I have compiled my own list of Non-Traumatic Things That Have Made Me Cry (chapter in her book) to share with y’all today…

1. Jim and Pam’s wedding episode on The Office

2. The last 100-ish pages of Harry Potter 7

3. The lives of fictional characters in general

4. Standing ovations (every.freaking.time)

5. When I try to write letters to the people I love

6. When people yell at me. (When I was little, it was when other parents yelled at their kids…I’m toughening up no?)

7. Military reunion videos…like this one

(I was crying within the first 30 seconds)

8. When veteran’s are eating alone at Five-Guys

*Veterans and fictional characters, those are my kryptonite.*

What non-traumatic things make you cry? It’s share time today on the blog, so have at it!

And if you want to know what makes Mindy Kaling cry, then I suggest you pick up a copy of her book at your local bookstore. Or read it on your kindle/nook/e-reader for all you new-age anti-book folks. I’m kidding, kinda.

Happy Saturday!




Any thoughts?

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