Find the Beauty Friday ~ July 19th

It’s time for FtBF again even though it feels like my week is just getting started. I guess that’s what a 9-day hiatus will do to ya. Let’s see what I can come up with…

**Note, I only have 1-day to pull from since I did my FtBF from last week on Wednesday**

1. Getting up and at-em yesterday morning…which really means I was awake and up before 10am.

2. Making the most of my day yesterday by getting to the beach by 12 and having plenty of time to enjoy before work.

3. Free car-wash.


4. Unexpectedly getting the night off…

5. Reading a book from start to finish in one sitting as a result of said unexpected night off. I’m a wild one, I tell ya.

6. And getting fun things in the mail!


Really this should be called “Mel’s really awesome Thursday” since all of this came from one day, but we’ll keep things consistent.

And I know I just asked you on Wednesday, but where did you see the beauty in your week? (Not a rhetorical question)

Happy Friday all! It’s raining here, which means my “Summer Somethings” are out the window…woo!





Any thoughts?

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