Please Forgive Me…

It has been 9 days, 9 days, since my last post. It’s inexcusable, but I’m coming to you with excuses anyways (and with my tail between my legs).

By now, I think you’ve all read and re-read “A Little Hometown Love” more than anyone ever should, and judging by my stats over these past 9 days, lots of you have made your way back in the archives reading and re-reading some older posts.

Bless your hearts.

My on-the-ball alter-blogger persona was going to write a post before I went out of town letting you know I would probably be M.I.A for a few days. She was going to draft up a wonderfully witty “brb” post with tons of pictures and “reading while I’m gone” suggestions.

And she definitely wasn’t going to miss “Find the Beauty Friday.”

Today, my real “I get distracted watching Alias” blogging persona is here to say she’s sorry and that she’s back! And that she’s going to let Ms. On-The-Ball have a little more control.

My excuses? Oh, you’re still waiting on those???

1. Danny had 3 days off in a row…

2. I left for Market in ATL on Thursday

3. Our hotel room didn’t have wifi

4. And my brain was too fried after Market everyday to even think of something important/witty/funny to say.

I know, I know…probably not good enough. But alas.

Maybe it would help if you knew that this is what Market looks like…

IMG_1412(Thousands of women with rolly-bags)

IMG_1420(13 floors that go in a circle and are home to about 200 booths each…and thats the small building…)

IMG_1418(And zig-zagging escalators)

My eye is twitching just looking at these pics.

Feeling more satisfied now…?

What? You need FtBF too? Ok, Ok…I guess it’s the least I can do.

**Find the Beauty Friday, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.**

1. Short road-trip with Isley to see Ms. Katherine Haselden do some preachin’ last Sunday…

IMG_1396(Cheese balls necessary)

2. Visit after church with these girls and Kath’s family that same day…


3. Danny had 3 days off in a row!!! (Cue celebratory dance music)

4. Celebrating Danny’s Private Chef succes at McCrady’s


IMG_1400(Pickled blueberries are my new favorite thing!)

5. Finding out the Public Library has all the books I want to read…(I probably shouldn’t be so shocked)

6. This SC Peaches dessert…


7. Girls weekend in ATL with some of my most favoritist girls in the whole world…(even if my brain was fried most of the time)

IMG_1414(Day 1: Mrs. Nan and A-dubs not pictured)

8. Yesterday.







9. Added chairs around the dining-room table


Where did you see the beauty in your week? Or in your last 9 days…? Apologies again for the hiatus, thanks for sticking with me.

Love to you all. Say YES to life today!




Any thoughts?

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