4G probs and crushing blows

‘probs’ = problems

The other day my 4G was acting up. And by acting up I mean I couldn’t call out or receive calls, couldn’t send texts, Facebook wouldn’t update, the WordPress server kept ‘timing-out.’ Sounds like a horror story right? Yes.

All of this as I was sitting down to a solo lunch at Groucho’s Deli. No phone to distract you during a public solo lunch? Tragedy. Very very luckily I had my book with me, so I just pushed the phone aside and buried my face in the book. Solo lunch? What solo lunch? I’m hanging out with Jen Hatmaker over here and she’s telling me how to compost and pray 7 times a day.

I was perfectly content.

Then…my phone vibrated, just once. Email.

4G was still on the fritz…but somehow this rogue email got through. Assuming it was a groupon for carpet-cleaning or something equally as boring and absurd I quickly picked up my phone to get rid of the little red #1 on my screen. (Those things drive me crazy…which is why I can’t touch my mom’s phone. Ever. 457 missed calls dating all the way back to September? Yep.)

In full “clean-up my screen mode” (yes, this is a mode), I was completely unprepared for the email. This was the email I had been waiting for! From the job that I really really wanted.

Breath caught in the throat, eyes frantically scanning the screen…”unfortunately” and there it was…the word that said it all.

My first thought? OF COURSE!!! 4G is taking the day off and this is the email that comes through…come on! And only an hour after I had posted this post about being in like with yourself. I love it.

Second thought? Bring on the self-depricating pity party. The conditions were perfect…remember I was solo-lunching. I could feel it creeping on, all the negative thoughts hitching a ride with the disappointment.

I was already re-evaluating my plans for the day to include breaking every single “summer something” I had established…Nap, Alias marathon, No productivity…(Pity party), when I remembered that I had prayed about this job. Heavily. I knew how much I wanted it and God knew how much I wanted it, but I prayed that what would be would be and that if it was the right job for me or where I needed to be then it would work out. If not, then it would mean that there would be something else around the corner, something else that was a better fit.

I remembered this, and I rallied. It saved me from my pity party and took away some of the sting of the disappointment. I drank my pepsi with crushed ice, enjoyed my solo lunch and went on with my day.

Was it a crushing blow? Yes. The title kinda gives that away. But usually crushing blows well you know…crush me. And I usually end up calling my mom multiple times until she answers,interrupting her day with my dramatics. It’s a nice life I lead, really.

This time, God’s promise saved me. And I’ve forgotten how good that feels. It was the safety net that caught me right before I free-falled into crushing blow oblivion, a place I know all too well.

Is this what it feels like to trust God? If so, hallelujah…praise Jesus…and thank ye the Lord!

Have you experienced any crushing blows lately? What’s your protocol for solo lunches? Are you still dancing to “Thrift Shop” or am I the only one who isn’t ‘roll-your-eyes over it’ yet?

Happy Saturday readers!




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