Letting Go

The warmest of welcomes today to my Mom! She is sharing her story with us about how she is finding beauty in the unknown. She was worried that this wasn’t “share worthy”  but she was oh so mistaken and I couldn’t hold onto this for another minute without sharing her story with y’all. Her words are words for all of you and I hope you enjoy…

And mom…I love you too, and I am so happy that I am your daughter! Thanks for being my best friend and for teaching me about life.



“Letting Go”

As I sit writing this, the view from my window is kind of drab.  Our grass is brown, our yard flowers have yet to wake up and the sun is hiding.   By the checking off of days on our yearly calendar, we are officially in the season of spring. But by the look and feel of things outside one would never know it! 

Our calendar may mark the passing of seasons, but our God is the One who changes them (see Daniel 2:21).  I tend to believe He is holding off a few more days just so we might remember that (smile)! 

God’s Word also tells us that for everything there is a season and for me, this season of my life is about letting go.  I am not one who readily accepts change.  I tend to cling to the familiar like a well worn blanket.  You know the kind…frayed edges, familiar smell, soft and cuddly. 

Familiarity is as much a comfort to me as a child’s “lovey” is to them.  My niece’s “lovey” is her ‘Wub-Wub”.  “Wub-Wub” has been with Catherine since she was born…all of her six years and recently she misplaced her “Wub”.  From my sister-in-law’s recount of that weekend, it was one of high alert where everyone was in search and rescue mode. Calls of distress went out asking, “Have you seen Wub?”  They turned their house and their cars inside out, but the “Wubster” remained missing in action.  

My niece was inconsolable.  No other “lovey” would suffice.  Why?  Because they were not what she was used to.  None of them were familiar…they didn’t feel the same…they didn’t look the same…they didn’t comfort her the same…they were, plain and simply put, different! 

That Monday morning came and Catherine and her mom went off to school where Catherine goes to kindergarten and my sister-in-law works as an assistant principal and guess who was there waiting for them?  Wub-Wub!  I am almost certain that her mom sang the “Hallelujah Chorus”.  I know I would have! Catherine and her “Wub-wub” were reunited  (Reunited and it feels so good…If you are a product of the 70’s, this side note makes perfect sense to you). 

I am so thankful that Catherine, for the time being, was saved from having to let go of what was familiar…what was comfortable…from what she loved.  For me, the opposite is true.  I have to let go of what is familiar, what is comfortable and what I love.  I do not know what this season in my life is going to look like all I know is that change is coming.  It could be warm and sunny like summer…it could be full of color like the fall…it could be winter grey or bursting with the newness of spring.  Each season has its own beauty; I just need to open my eyes and my heart to see it. 

In the course of 40 days, I will have stepped out of a dearly loved role as a Bible teacher of women, my oldest daughter will have graduated from college, and my oldest son will have graduated from high school. 

Must I say that I have been on an emotional roller coaster…thrilled one moment and scared silly the next. Being in the continual state of feeling as if I’ve lost my stomach…you know the feeling…it is when you take that dip down the hill of a roller coaster and your stomach seems to be caught in your throat…you find yourself not knowing whether to laugh or cry…for there is no turning back! 

For this ride…I am not sure if I need to throw my hands up in the air like I don’t care and give way to it or clasp my knuckles around the bar and hang on for dear life!  The beauty in all of this is I can trust God with all of this!  I may not know what this season of my life is to look like or be like, but He surely does!

It is time for me to let go of what I have known…the pattern of my days…what my groove has been…my comfort zone and allow the Lord to do His thing!  Our Father does know what is best!  The beauty in this unknown for me is that God is not done with me yet…I believe He will use me again, but in the mean time, I can breathe a little, rest a little, and love on my hubby and kids a lot. 

I can also share in Mary Emily and William’s next chapters as they pursue their dreams.  I no longer have to hold their hands, but their hearts, I can hold…ALWAYS!  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for them and for me! 

It has taken a whole lot of years and a whole lot of mistakes to realize that life’s little moments are for savoring and not for gulping down.  Life is meant to be tasted, not wasted…no matter how it might be “seasoned” and our Heavenly Father can be trusted with it!  The Lord tells us to taste and see that it is good. 

Throughout my forty-seven years the Lord has proven His faithfulness to me…He has never let me down, not ever and He never will!  I may not know where I am going, but He does and with Him beside me, before me, and behind me, I KNOW beauty awaits! 

Hands up…the ride has just begun!    

**Remember, if you want to be part of this “Share Your Story” challenge just email your submission to melandlavidabella@gmail.com to have it shared on the blog. This is not a contest in any way, just a way to share our stories with each other, get to know one another better, and create a community on the blog. The topic is Beauty in the Unknown…feel free to interpret that for yourself as you see fit!** -Mel


One thought on “Letting Go

  1. This is awesome Melissa! You need to blog more often 🙂
    This year will be another wonderful one as we continue to grow!!!

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