The Purge

No. Not the movie with the scary masks and the plot that makes me greatly consider buying a house with a safe room.

This purge is G-rated and won’t give you nightmares. And yes it involves clothes.


 Lately I’ve been feeling a little suffocated…overwhelmed…sick over the amount of stuff I have. Especially over the amount of stuff I have that I don’t use/wear/need.

What’s worse is the feeling I get when I go into Target AND EVERYTHING IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE…

“You need me…” they call out in very cute chirpy voices

“…to build your professional wardrobe” (for that job you don’t have yet)


(Cue “Guilt Shoes” from this past weekend)

“…so you can change your earrings EVERY day with EVERY outfit.”

“…because I am the cutest dress you’ve ever seen. Right?!?!?!?”

It’s madness.

And all of this after reading Kisses From Katie, a story that brings so much light to the Western world’s excess.

Ugh, what’s a girl to do?

Start with the dresses.


 Number 1 to bite the dust, a coral-y orange dress that still has the tags on it. I should mention that I am still totally in love with this dress, but I bought it in Spain where 1. I was a smaller version of myself after having a little trouble adjusting to the cuisine, and 2. I greatly overestimated how comfortable I am in tight clothing.

Next up we have the “little black dress.” The one “must-have” for every woman’s closet. Somehow, I’ve managed to take that mantra with me every time I go shopping which would probably explain how I’ve ended up with 4 versions of this staple.


Which one didn’t make the cut? The one on the far-left when you’re looking at the screen. It wasn’t a hard decision when I realized that I wore it to my best friend’s Sweet Sixteen party 6 YEARS AGO.


IMG_1357 (I’m not sure, but I think there is a rule about wearing dresses you wore when you were 16 after a certain age. Stacy and Clinton? back me up…)

In our 3rd round of cuts the Cheetah Sisters were up for evaluation. I reasoned that one cheetah-print dress was probably enough for one’s wardrobe. (…more than enough if you ask Anna Wallace)


 Any guesses on which one made the cut? I’ll give you a hint…the black and white one was worn on my first date with Danny. Sentimental value wins every time.

There were quite a few more cuts as this “Closet Team” is definitely under stricter leadership…

IMG_1365 (like this Maxi dress that I’ve been keeping around despite the fact that I’m not wild about the wild print just because Maxi dresses are so dang convenient to have around for when shaving your legs in the summer is an unsurmountable task)


 (This little number got a formal ‘last chance’ reprimand)

…but the team definitely has a long way to go. My goal is to get things down to an appropriate ‘1-set of hanger’ size…we shall see.

Are you doing any purging this Summer? Or are you one of those who actually does their purging during Spring Cleaning…? hmph >:/

Do things talk to you at target too? Are you concerned about my obvious on-going personifying relationship with inanimate objects?

Please share!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!




7 thoughts on “The Purge

  1. im purging the time capsule…. say byebye to the giant colorful red bear Zachary got me for 7th grade valentines hahahaha

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