You Should Know…

You should know that I currently can’t stop listening to this song…

Yes I know that it has been out long enough to be made into a remix (don’t waste your time) but my need/love for country music usually tends to be seasonal…as in I like country music in the summer.

Turn this up and see how much more fun cleaning (or anything really) becomes. I dare you. Report back.

You should also know that my brother’s life is officially way more interesting than mine, and if you haven’t already…check out his blog. He’s currently in California and has some beautiful pictures to show for it.

20130619-233012(sneak peak)

Another thing is that last night I sat down and devoured this 20-part adoption series over on Flower Patch Farmgirl instead of cleaning the bathtub. It was so worth it, and I urge you to go read her beautiful words today.

And finally, you should know that I can now add driving through a flood to get to work to my list of things I’d rather not ever do again and that I secretly hope to be as smart as Sam Seaborn one day. (You’d be surprised (or maybe not) to know in just how high of a regard I hold fictional characters.)


Happy Thursday Folks! (see…the country music is having an effect on me) What should I know about you?




2 thoughts on “You Should Know…

  1. I could listen to this song a thousand times over and it would never get old! But country music is just as good in winter 🙂

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