Summer Somethings

I have been graduated for over a month now. In that month, I have experienced the achievement high of being DONE, the adjustment period of “what the heck do I do with all of this free time???”, the discouragement of the job search, and some pretty awesome Summer days.

And because I know how important this summer is, and how much I want to make the most of it, I have come up with what I am calling ‘Summer Somethings.’ They’re dreams, goals, rules, or whatever you want to call them that I have put into place to keep me from wasting the day. (Like I am sometimes inclined to do…)

And in order to hold myself more accountable (I have been slipping up a little lately…) I am going to share them with you. =)

Mel’s ‘Summer Somethings’

No Sleeping past 10am*

No TV during the day*

Read! Read! Read!

Beach it…solo if necessary

Try new things

Stay inspired and Keep writing!

*Void if raining…

The first two are the most important, and lately I’ve been pushing that 10am to 11am, and the other day I got totally hooked on Law and Order SVU.

How are you making sure you make the most of your Summer? Are you secretly sitting on a list of rules you’ve been dying to share? Go right ahead…I am all ears.

And thanks for holding me accountable, Let’s hang out!

P.S. I cleaned out my fridge today…and washed the dishes. And after work it’s the bathroom and putting the clothes away. The cleaning will haunt me no more!




2 thoughts on “Summer Somethings

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