Can someone please get this girl a tissue?

You should know that right now I should really be cleaning…like really. Think, cleaning out the fridge and cleaning the bathroom kind of cleaning. But this is, without question, WAY more fun, so I suppose I am leaving the cleaning to haunt me for another day. It’s amazing how quick I make these decisions.

My brother William, a.k.a. the biggest baby in the Nursery the day he was born (10lbs), graduated from High School a little over two weeks ago.


He’s been known to hug dead animals, taze himself for fun, and do a mean Rasputin on Just Dance 2.


It was so wonderful to watch him walk across the stage…I was a proud and emotional big sister doing my best to follow the “please hold your applause to the end” rule.

There were so many things about that graduation that made my heart swell. I am a sucker for most ceremonies in the first place, most definitely when I have a personal connection to one of those caps in the sea of blue.

Pomp and Circumstance starts playing and they start the processional. You listen to the speeches and watch the signer interpret every word for the Deaf boy in the crowd. You follow the list of names from Austin Adams onward until the L’s, getting more and more excited as you know it gets closer and closer to his turn. You watch him walk across the stage, so big and so confident. You smile so big your cheeks start to hurt. You join in as the whole crowd gives applause in sign language when Josh walks across stage. You hold back tears then. You listen to the principal give the most personal ‘Principal’s Remarks’ you’ve ever heard. You laugh and tear up in awe at how much he knows about, and loves his students individually and at how much they love him. And when the graduates give one of the assistant principal’s a total love-filled standing ovation…you think about asking for a tissue.

Like I said, I am a sucker for ceremonies…and standing ovations get me every freaking time.


You have such a big personality and an even bigger heart. You can make friends like no one else I know and people can’t help but love you. I am so proud of the man you are becoming, even if you still have more growing up to do =). And I know you’ve hated school from the get-go, but please just always remember how smart you are and how much you have to offer the world. 

You may get mistaken for my older brother every single time we meet someone new, but don’t forget that I’ve got a few years on you. I’m still you’re older sister and I have already lived through some of the years you’re about to embark on. Whenever you need me, you know that I’m just a phone call, text, or a knock on the door away. 

Stay out of trouble.

I love you,


willgrad 215


Any thoughts?

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