More Beauty, More Unknown

Today’s blog post comes to us from a guest author, my long-time neighbor and friend Miss Eva Gordon. And when I began typing this intro she was going through some of my old clothes…really weird items included.  And as she talked to me about Swedish tacos, she had no idea that I was typing an intro to her “Share Your Story” submission. I had all intentions of posting it while she was sitting across from me and it being a total surprise but then we had some technical difficulties with the pictures and I had to put the surprise on hold. (I know you wanted to know ALL of that…)

But now, about a week later, technical difficulties overcome, and pictures in place…

…a warm welcome to my favorite red-head


Recently, being an “almost senior” in high school, I’ve been doing more “fearing the unknown” instead of “finding the beauty” in it. So for me, this is a “Challenge.” Not against the others who’ve sent in their own stories, but against myself.
With only a few days left of my Junior Year, I’ve had a lot of decisions to make in the past few weeks, most of which I’ve still managed to put off even now, like registering for the ACT and, you know, choosing a college. (I was able to narrow it down to most non-out-of-state schools).
As this school year comes to an end, my Senior Year officially begins, but I’ve had to come to terms with some other endings/new beginnings that aren’t my own.
Two of my “unofficial big brothers” are graduating in just a few days, and they’ll both be going off to start their “next steps” in the fall.
wm eva and palmer grad party
(From their graduation party on Sunday; from right to left – William, Me, Palmer)
My third “unofficial big brother,” Grayson, along with my actual brother, Joseph, graduated a few years ago and both have been working hard in their own, very different, “next steps.”
eva actual brother (This is my actual brother. See the resemblance? Neither do I.)
And I’m graduating next year. (I still don’t know what my “next steps” will be)
end of youth group eva
(Me just last week at one of the last Youth Group activities of the year)
We’re growing up. No matter how hard we fight it. It’s happening. I’m proud of all of my “brothers,” and I wish them luck in all of their “next steps” as I try and figure out my own. And as Senior Year creeps closer and closer, I will continue to be both excited and scared and happy and worried and basically every other emotion in between. And most of all, as fun as this year has been, and as much excitement next year will entail, and no matter how old I get or where I end up, I still (and always will) wish life looked a little more like this…
unofficial big brothers young
(My three “unofficial big brothers” and myself; from right to left – Palmer, Grayson, Me, William)
(My brother and myself)
(Me on my very first day of school)
So here’s to not knowing what will happen next (and trying not to stress too much about it); to enjoying the moments we have while they’re still here; and to remembering the steps we’ve taken as we embark on our next.
To those who know what their next steps are, I say, “good luck” and “pray that I figure mine out one day.”
And to those who are like me and aren’t quite sure what’s next, I say, “good luck” and “at least we’re not alone, right?”
Lots of Love,

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2 thoughts on “More Beauty, More Unknown

  1. I have loved watching you grow,up Eva! I know whatever your “next steps” are, you will be successful! I love you Eva diva!

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