So Much Beauty Sunday ~ June 9th

You all already know how I feel about not knowing what day of the week it is during the summer, and how I don’t consider the week officially over until Sunday evening, so I’ll spare you the explanation on why this is late-ish.

This week has been so full of beauty…and very busy. (And at the current moment, I keep getting distracted from writing this by a musical episode of “Good Luck Charlie” that includes the Muppets)

Now that the musical number has ended, let’s see if I can get a recap going for ya…

1. My brother William graduated.

wm pic


2. Calm after Tropical Storm Andrea

photo (3)



3. And my 2nd family coming to pick me up during it.

4. Catching up with Miss Isley Arruda tonight and planning future antique-ing trips.

5. Celebrating (officially) my best friend’s engagement last night.

engagement party6. And Danny being able to join me.

7. Cable TV, a home-cooked meal, and a day on the beach with my family today.

8. Successfully navigating the always frustrating world of electronics and technology. Think forgotten apple id’s and mismatched passwords, etc.

9. Seeing the excitement on Taylor’s face as I joined what is apparently called the “Lilly” Club (that’s Lilly Pulitzer if you didn’t know)

joggling board


Where did you see the beauty in your week? You know I want you to share!








Any thoughts?

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