Finding the Beauty in Others

Today we welcome my little brother to the blog world as I share his “Share Your Story” submission. He played with the Beauty in the Unknown theme and came up with a story about seeing the beauty that everyone has to offer. And as an 8th grade boy, I must say I am pretty impressed.

photo (2)


(Proud sister)

And before I share his story, I think everyone needs to know that two years ago he looked like this…


Holy growth spurt!!!


It was the beginning of the 8th grade year when I met Mrs. Gordon. At first she wasn’t my favorite. Mostly because I hate work. But as the year went on, I saw how much she cared and loved each and every one of her students. (Even the difficult ones) As a new member of the SJMS team, she started to get comfortable with her new school. And I started to become more comfortable with her. We joke and laugh (even at SILENT lunch) because we bad like that.

She is a hard teacher but I can now see why. I can see why she had strict deadlines. I can see why she checked the bin everyday right when class started to see if we had turned in our homework. And I can see why she pounded us with 5 pieces of text to read that ranged from Romeo & Juliet to To Kill a Mockingbird. She was preparing us for the years to come. Because you see, high school isn’t said to be easy and her class was a high school credit.

She loved us all with her big God driven heart. And I love her back. I will miss her and I just wish I would of realized her beauty before the last quarter of school. You see, for the first three it was unknown.


Hope everyone is having a Happy Monday! It’s been a lil yucky and rainy here which meant napping and lounging.





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