Let’s Recycle! (and not cry about it)

Let’s talk recycling. It’s important right? And a good thing to do?

Personally, I say ‘yes’ to both of those questions, but lately, I am having some major recycling woes. (also, I never realized how difficult it was to spell recycling)

It all started months and months ago, I want to say back in November…when my recycling pile had finally reached the appropriate small mountain-ish size and I thought it might be time to take it out. Only problem? My recycling bins had disappeared! (really they were the apartment complex’s bins but obviously I felt a special connection to them…)

Using my sharpest investigative skills I texted my landlord (21st century FBI work y’all), only to find out that they really were gone. The city hadn’t in fact just taken them for cleaning (???) or for just a practical joke (yes, this really is how my brain works).

Mr. Landlord left me with a parting explanation that resulted in me forming quite the vendetta against the nightclub down the street. Apparently they complained when the city didn’t pick up our recycling bins on time and ‘poof!’ all of a sudden we don’t recycle anymore. I mean come on…not recycling may have flown 10 years ago, but now…

…let’s just say you don’t want to be the one in the neighborhood not recycling.

So, my mountain of recyclables sat there…waiting for the honor of being converted into a post-consumer product we buy to make ourselves feel better about things.

I finally packed them up into my car and found the nearest recycling plant.

This became the new routine. Although I don’t know if you can call it a routine if it occurs as infrequently as me taking my recyclables to the plant does. While before I let them get to a reasonable small mountain level, I now let them reach Everest size before I make the trek.

(note: it’s probably not really a trek…but I’m somewhat dramatic)


(a more wide-set Everest than peak-like but you get the idea)

They pile up so much that I only take one bag out to my car at a time…over the course of a week…just because I don’t think my neighbors could handle it otherwise.


I think to myself, maybe if I can just get it to the car… (you see where this is going don’t you?) I’m not even going to tell you how long they rode around in my car the last time…but I will admit that it ended up in Murrells Inlet with me.

In MI, I relished in the luxury of an ALL-CYCLE BIN y’all…located just 10 steps from the back door. I thought I was going to faint with excitement. (yes my flare for the dramatic extends this far)

Back in Charleston…I daydream about All-Cycle bins and giving the nightclub a piece of my mind as I try to muster up the gumption to trek it out there past the train tracks.

And the dumpster taunts me…it sits RIGHT there. Saying things like “you could be done with all of this in 5 seconds pretty lady…” (yep, the dumpster thinks I’m pretty)

But then I remember (thanks college) I know that places like trash island exists (literally an island made completely and only of accumulated trash in the ocean where the currents meet), and that birds mistake plastic for fish, and the U.S. alone consumes 1,500 plastic water bottles a second…most of which end up in landfills and probably on trash island with the birds.




(google images)

I remember all this and I tell the dumpster to shut it with the pretty lady stuff and I end up here…


…getting excited that they updated the paper/cardboard container so that it no longer has the smallest opening in the world. And realizing my first-world problem of having to drive out to the recycling plant might make a good blog post…but first I should probably stop crying about it.

Is this too real for ya?

Moral of the story: recycling is important, dumpsters are casanovas, all-cycle bins to me are the equivalent of Justin Bieber to a 11-yr old girl, and nightclubs are anti-environment…clearly.

Employer: “Ms. Lee please give us an example of a time when you have shown commitment…”

Me: “Why yes, Mr. Employer…have you ever heard the story of the flirtatious dumpster and the nightclub that wanted water bottles to take over the world?”

Have a good Friday y’all!

And I literally…just at this exact moment realized it was Friday…meaning you’re expecting a Find the Beauty post and I just spent all of my creative juices personifying inanimate objects having no idea what day it was. It really is summer time.

Be on the look out for this week’s recap later on!





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