Add New Post

“Add New Post” – thats what I’ve been staring at for quite a while trying to think of a title for this blog post. Obviously, I wasn’t very successful. I think it’s fitting though…I’ve been MIA (AGAIN I know) for the past few days and all that I really need to do to get me back on track is exactly what this post title suggests…”Add New Post.”

So here I am…adding a new post, eating Ben & Jerry’s Half-baked, trying to pretend that it isn’t my dinner, working to keep the headache that developed while job-hunting and application completing on an empty stomach at bay.

It’s after 11 and I am back in Charleston after another half-week with my family. This morning I heard (from my bed) my sister say “Oh no! I forgot to tell sis ‘bye’!” as she was just about to walk out the door for school. (She rushed in while her carpool was waiting to tell me bye anyways…sorry carpool) And I’m more than a little bummed that won’t be happening again tomorrow.

I love my family. And I find it so funny that just 4-years ago (in the exact place my brother is now)…about to graduate from High School, I couldn’t get away from home fast enough. I would meet my quota of family time and then quickly be out the door to catch a late movie or to go spend the night out even if it was already 11:45. (Yea, William is currently deep in the throws of that himself).

Now, 4 years later, I find so much joy from being at home and with my family. (told ya I would grow up mom)

I love discussing Anna Wallace’s ‘Create-A-Country’ project at the dinner table and finding out that she is not only the democratically-elected president of her country but also carries a scepter.


(that is supposed to be a crown y’all)

I love being on the Point till 6:30 and the way that 11lbs of boiled peanuts somehow just disappear.



I love taking adventures with my mom to the backwoods of Whiteville, NC just for a piece of furniture.

I love getting “Share Your Story” submissions from my brother past midnight.

And I even love talks about the future with my dad.


I love where and who I came from. With all my heart.

What’s going on in your life? Catch me up!




Any thoughts?

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