Find the Beauty Friday ~ May 24th

**Find the Beauty Friday…a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week**

And yes my featured image is food…I may or may not be a foodie.

1. Going for a quick lunch before tutoring at my favorite Sushi place only to be hit with more awesome-ness as Bones was playing on their TV…


(Thank you for being awesome Spring Roll)

2. Getting off work early!!

3. Which resulted in an impromptu visit to Danny’s work to try his new dinner menu.


(Yes, that is FRESH mahi, and yes it was delicious)

**Mahi served over succotash with a rosemary lemon butter**

Do your tastebuds a favor and go try the new menu for yourself.

4. Becoming a new, first-time Mac owner. I am definitely loving it.

5. EL CERRO GRANDE… (and Cain saying, “let sis have the rest of the cheese sauce” world stopping moment right there folks) Love you too little brother.


6. Being an only child for a few hours. (Trip to Holden with my parents)

7. Trip to Holden!




(Hello heaven in a shell)

8. The fact that 5, 6, & 7 all happened in the same day.

9. Lunch with girls I really like today =)


Eating things we’ve never eaten before.

10. Danny and I both have the day off tomorrow! (World stopping moment #2 for the week)

**EDIT** 11. Cake tasting and Jimmyz (with a Z) with one of my favorite families!


Where did you see the beauty in your week? Please share! (I mean it…I really want to know!)


And as I write this post, the fact that many people lost their homes, possessions, and even loved ones as a result of the massive tornado(s) in Moore, Oklahoma this week is not lost on me. My heart goes out to all of those affected and I pray for peace, healing, and rebuilding for your families and your town.

If you would like to help, feel free to click here, here, or here to do so.

Our hearts are with you Oklahoma.




10 thoughts on “Find the Beauty Friday ~ May 24th

  1. All these pictures look awesome and seem like you had a great time. Nothing is better than sitting on the beach and reading a great book too 🙂 Have fun and keep up the awesome pictures.

  2. Hello….Mary Emily’s blogging world! Let me start over in my reply a d share the beauty in my week ❤
    1. Taylor graduating from Wofford! 🎓❤
    (Bittersweet 4 years) I missed her but it was definitely the “perfect home away from home” for her!
    2. We celebrated with our old family and new family (the Grimshaws)
    3. It did not rain on us during the commencement time!
    4. I did not cry!
    5. In honor if Mary Emily’s foodie week, we tried Mon Amie for brunch (DELICIOUS) sad that we discovered this awesome restaurant on our last weekend in 4 years) also , loved dinner at downtown Lime Leaf (YUMMY)
    6. Cake tasting and Jimmyz with a Z for lunch with my most favorite people on this entire planet❤❤❤❤❤❤
    7. My students (yes I teach 2nd grade) telling me I am the BEST teacher in the world, they live me and don’t want to go to 3rd grade unless I go LOL!!!😃
    8. Last but not least my baby is home a d Eric has a long weekend with his family!😛❤👍
    What beautiful “MOMENTS” 💚

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