The Goose Egg

zilch, nada, zip, diddly, zippo, cero…

The Goose Egg

Are you impressed with how many variations for zero I came up with?

Are you thinking I probably used google? I did.

0 – Zero

That’s how many submissions I’ve received for the “Share Your Story” Challenge…zero in case you missed the first 8 times.

So just FYI –

It’s not a contest…although deeming it a “challenge” kind of implies that there is some sort of competition involved. There’s not. That’s just me not knowing what to call it. I voted for “campaign” but my mom said that sounded too official.

There’s no time limit on submitting anything, but I just thought I would post a little reminder about the fact that this is actually going on.

If you’re like me, you probably tend to think that plenty of other people have stories to tell and will submit something. But if we all think that then…well, then the goose egg. (You see?)


So, if you have your own Beauty in the Unknown story, and feel like getting it down on your computer screen, then I invite you (once again) to submit your story to to be shared on the blog. Use whatever writing style/format is most comfortable for you, whether it be a poem, first person narrative, or even a list. And feel free (and encouraged!) to include pictures as we all know blog posts are so much better with pictures. =) Also, in the email, include a little bit about yourself so I can introduce you to the other readers as your post goes up.

As we share our stories we get out of our individual (protective) boxes we’ve created for ourselves and we let people in on what’s alive in us. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty cool thing?

Here is the original post for those just tuning in.

Here’s to story time! (and filling my inbox with more than just groupons I can’t afford)




Any thoughts?

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